Looking forward to new lights

May 11, 2023

new ombiance https://amzn.to/3VZd5LM

Rider Tarot Inspiration therapy

February 12, 2023

This is the original set that I am drawing cards from and painting. Along with some of my 1st cards I painted. I am excited to see where these watercolor paintings go.

I draw one card, read about it, go inward, and paint my interpretation. I have been told I am brave. Truth is, I am determined. I am determined to have strength, and confidence to do this Life. I am not afraid to be vulnerable right about anywhere, and I think it means I am strong.

I don’t like to carry my problems with me, I like to draw inspiration from them. What could I learn from all of this. I paint it out and try to manifest positive aspects of my life.

I started being an associate of Amazon this year, Lets see how this works. Get yourself a deck of cards and play the cards of Life. Paint some. Your Brave.

This is the original deck of cards

Below are 3 water color painting I did.

Lighting is everything sometimes – Ambiance and glass

February 8, 2023

I want to share more of what makes me stay clear minded and happy.

I am alone a lot. Creating, working, Living the dream! Sometimes I just want to chill and not be alone. These lights Lanterns. I Love them. I have really given me a feeling of total peace in my heart. I LOVE THEM!! Not lonely at all with these lights in my hang out space! Sometimes I go out there just to appreciate the peaceful romantic place I have created. I set out my glass art seconds around the lights and it really is like a dream. This is a picture of my relaxing lights with some glass. I LOVE my yard.

I also have these ones

and I have these

and WOW-these littler ones!!

these have a really cool shadow effect

THESE line my walk way in my lily garden

I take the lanterns on the road with me when I am on a music, and or a vending tour, or camping. You can turn them off in the tent too.

I have decided to start teaching from my home studio again. I am really excited about it. It is exciting to work on my ambiance! I will be making art, teaching art, practicing reiki healing. I am getting a massage chair to help people, and I have become an Amazon Associate. I can now share some of the items I purchase that I Love, that make my life Better, and make a little tip for doing so. If you click on my product links, for now on I will get a tip if a purchase is made! i do not plan on making many posts with for sale links here, other than my art. Sometimes one just falls into place! I am truly grateful for any and all support. Namaste! My dear friend likes to say, “Lets vibe high!”

Physical demands sure do inspire healthy medicine

February 5, 2023

Aa lot of effort goes into feeling good. I have to have energy, and a clear healthy mind in order to be creative, and successful at my job. I Exercise daily, practice meditation, and I take CBD’s regularly. Almost every day. I notice my body feels awesome when I do that.

I take a CBD that has Turmeric in it, and black pepper. The black pepper makes the turmeric anti inflammatory properties work 2,000% stronger! I Love this product so much, I became an Affiliate for them. And I got to tell ya, it is a lot of fun to help people feel good! As well as working with super kind people. The company was founded by people that I have met in my life that have really impressed me. Not only are they kind to eachother, and supportive of each others dreams, as a family, I see them offering that kindness to people all around their life. These are the kind of people I feel great supporting. It is a Grateful experience.


Valentines day special!

February 3, 2023

Valentines day is special for a lot of people! I know my Late Husband and I used it as a reason to go to dinner Every year! It was fun.

This year, I am using it to create Abundance! Not just for me, but for you too! I have put some of my glass on sale on line in my Etsy shop. I also listed a collection of pendants for sale for $30.00 delivered. Explosions of beautiful colors! Some floral, some dots! Sneak peak picture here!

Happy Valentines day!!

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