2 years since I wrote at my art blog.

May 7, 2020

glass 149I think it is safe to say that THIS blog – MO JOE – left when my Husband did in 2013.

Back then I could be totally straight forward. Today, I feel like if I am totally straight forward, it will get depressing. Well, truth hurts. Sorry, but I am done monitoring my voice to protect everyone else. if you don’t want the truth, do not read this!

That’s ok. Life happened, and it changed, and it was never like that again. I rarely share the brutal reality, but it happened to me.  It’s been real, to say the least. Lost my Husband when he had 5 aneurysms from a fungus infection in his blood. It was believed that the steroid shot he got the previous month was infected. Doctor’s covered that up. So did a few lawyers.  My job was confusing, and lost.  I am allowing forgiveness most of the time.   Family dissed us, friends went distant. Love attractions are foreign and unrecognizable. Social Security steels my Husbands servitor’s benefits.   Friends lie to each other, gossip, and pass false judgement,  Employers want diligent hard working Employees, and not pay them enough money for a middle class Life style. This is Today. My best friend is a Guitar named, Eddie.

I am no quiet type. they really do not know what to do with me here in America.

I am stronger than most, I learn, as I witness the response to COVID19.

I started a New Website because I am scattered, I am going lots of directions, and when I land, I want you to be able to find me. At Grateful Lives LLC I will be keeping you informed with my personal art for sale, the cremation art I do, the Art of the Late Ronald Morley, and the CBD’s I represent, as well as the CBD I grow, process, and sell, and I will not leave out the Widow support groups I am involved with.   All of these ventures have their own sites, and all of them are a work in progress, that keeps me going.

This blog was a huge blessing. Form 2007 to 2013 I ran a personal art business that I was blessed to have. I had a Husband that watched my kids, cleaned my house, tended my garden, and helped raise these boys. I was able to really dive into my art. I am grateful for that time.  I ventured Ebay, Etsy, a personal site, taught classes, did demonstrations.  I developed a decal product line, and had distributors. Things were rolling quite nicely.

As the boys get older, and I live with this grief that triggers my soul, and distracts me from me. I practice Reiki healing, I grow plants, I study CBD research, I create to heal myself.  I find passion and Gratitude in healing others.  I study massage and reflexology, as I plan my future.  Those things keep me going. That will be my future.

Thank you for being there then, or now, or some day!

Blessings to you all!

glass 005

Bead pendant above available at http://www.morleyartstudios.com

You can also purchase memory stones, cremation art made with your loved ones ashes, Ron Morley T shirts, and CBD’s at that same site-    (Until I get done with the revisions….)

I also manage a site Estate sale at Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/LeighsLegacy



April 27, 2020


2014 Corvette ~ Stingray ~ Mission accomplished!

May 9, 2018

Celebrating my certification in Automotive clay modelling from the College of Creative studies in Detroit, Michigan. 5/8/2018 I pulled it!!!   I am also learning 3D sculpting using a program called Alias, at Schoolcraft college. This incorporates my background in AutoCAD Engineering, and my passion for sculpting.

The model is 1:4 size. I worked on it from January to May. I spent 20 plus hours a week until mid April. Then it turned into 8, 10, and 12 hours every day. I did not even go home for dinner with my kids for 3 or 4 weeks. The program is very time intensive. The philosophy behind teaching this seems to be to watch the demonstrations, practice, and find your way. I did have some Mentors, and 11 other students in the class to consult with. Each Sculptor has their own approach. I have a very good eye for scale, drawing, and sculpting what I see. Learning the surfacing was what needs the most time. My next piece will be a model with bigger surfaces. This will allow me to spend more time on continuous tangent surfaces and less time on detail. Live and learn. Art is a lifetime commitment.

I was honored to meet some very talented Sculptors and top executives from General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler.Here is some of the process, Enjoy!

4 2 2018 0563

158                     166                          212






5 6 18 039

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I had the best view from the 11th floor


Sculpting Hot Clay Cars!

March 29, 2018

In March of 2017 I applied to, and was accepted to be in the Clay Sculpting Certification program at the Center of Creative Studies. Located in Detroit, Michigan, the classroom is on the 11th floor of a beautiful building.

We Sculpt cars out of clay BEFORE the real deal!! Yep. Before Manufacturing a real car, we sculpt them from clay,  The clay is Hot and it hardens as it cools.  This process is fascinating. I look forward to a job in this field.

This is 25% of the real size, 1/4, 1:4 !! in progress… Enjoy!

3 27 2018 191 (2)



Lovey – lost but not forgotten.

July 10, 2017


My soul is eased by music. When I meet another Soul that is finding comfort in the music, I get stoked to know them.  I was blessed to meet my dancing Soul sister / on the rail dancer, Jessica. She was a pleasure to speak with, to look at, and to dance with!

I met her  at Otus supply in Ferndale, Michigan.   We got to see several shows in the same place, and enjoyed dancing on the rail.

I spent a weekend in Kalamazoo, Michigan this past June. Green sky blue grass plays a 3 day run at Bell’s brewery. The show was awesome. I saw Jessica there. She was wearing a fun outfit and looked so beautiful. As I saw her from a distance at first, I had to take the time to tell all the people I was standing with,  “that is one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met”…I then saw her and we had our last words. I told her what I just told all the people I was standing with (none of them I knew by name). She gave me a hug, and said thank you, we spoke for a moment, and then went on….I really thought I would see her dancing that night. I did not.

The next thing I heard on Saturday was that she passed away that morning. So many people were crying and in shock. We lost a good one.  The band played some tribute songs to her. It was heart felt. We all had tears.

Jessica leaves behind her son. This touches me to the core.  Being that my 2 son’s lost their Dad 4 years ago.

I was commissioned to make a few pieces for an online raffle, this is on facebook. You can get to it in the greensky camper group.

You can support Jessica’s family by donating to her Go Fund me

The bead with the white dress in front of the  rail is her as an Angel in her favorite place.  This was inspired by the Gentleman that commissioned the piece. Her favorite color is purple. So I made a bead with her soul Gesture on there in purple. I also made a bead with souls dancing within, and Jessica is in her fun outfit from the last time I saw her. Short red skirt, black tights, and I gave her a white shirt because she is an Angel now. (I believe she was really wearing a black shirt) One other piece has her on the rail with a purple dress. All of these are made with love, to celebrate a life lost too soon. Peace and Love to all!





Memory stone for Habilitat

May 30, 2017

Made Special for Habilitat in Spring, 2017.

The Hawaiian lieu lye’s beneath,in a circle.  Symbolizing affection.  The volcano landscape circles the piece above,  radiating red energy emerges from the volcano, circling a silhouette of two hands (a photo of my hands). A butterfly is released. A new beginning has begun. An Orb


The Eagle rises above, as each patient’s intention is set to do the same.  I was actually thinking the Eagle would fly around the piece. As I was struggling communicating with the team. (It took 3 people to make this piece as is.)  The fact is, the Eagle rising above is perfect. Each patient has that goal. To rise above and be the best they can be. Some things are meant to be. (Meant to be does not mean Easy.)


The team: Sheila Morley, Marc Vandenberg, Louie Sanchez

Spring 2017


10 Years of making glass Family beads

October 26, 2016


I call them Soul Gestures.

Sheila Morley 12 22 11 033

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