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I am Sheila Morley. Mother of these 2 Boys. I make art. I make paintings, glass Beads, marbles, paperweights, some functional glass, glass, sculpture.   I got my Bachelors in Fine at from MSU in 1997, and have continued my education in art, drafting Engineering, and farming pretty much my entire Adult life. I work in all 3 industries. I grow cut flowers.  I have a variety of flowers available all year.  Lily Flowers in the summer. Lilly Bulbs are available in the fall.  I am a CBD Affiliate. Click here to purchase a CBD that makes me feel good. (I use the one with turmeric)  Lavender, sage and Lettuce are fun to grow.
I also represent art made by, my late Husband, Ronald Morley. We are Grateful for his Legacy of kindness, fun vibes, incredible craftsmanship, his amazing art, and his love for music. Forever in my heart.
Living through this journey of grief has led me to be more passionate about being happy, and what it takes to keep a higher vibration. For the last 3 years I’ve been studying Healing, massage, and therapeutic processes for coping with post traumatic stress. This will be the 4th Industry I focus on for Abundance. However, I think it is the 1st industry that I find to be a natural fit to my lifestyle.  You will see me many places selling art, flowers, healing vibes, and enjoying the music.

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