Grateful Legacy

This is where we celebrate Legacy. Inspired by My Late Husband, Ron Morley. I realize the things they leave behind are with us forever. Lets Celebrate them. I am making art with Ron Morley’s art, an amazing Spirit that once walked this earth and made a big difference. ————-a work in progress!——————–a platform for me to share my art from my heart, and my success as a survivor of traumatic grief.

Ron Morley is remembered for always creating stellar art, and selling post cards, T shirts, and posters in the Grateful Dead Parking lot. He was a SUPER KIND brother!! Donated his Organs and saved 5 lives. He Shined so bright! He left behind Myself (his Wife), and our 2 kids at ages 10, and 12. We keep on keepin’ on. We will Live our life with kindness.

We thank you for the support in this life. Bless You! I am taking on the role of helping others. I believe in the power of the Universe! Lets do this. Lets make the world a better place!

Donations are welcome and appreciated-I take Venmo! or paypal

As I travel this world, I will always pay it forward! Bless You with Love and Light!

T shirts, stickers and posters will be for sale always! Message me if you see something you would like. I sell my work in shops and on the road. -peace!

Collaborations !

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