Lighting is everything sometimes – Ambiance and glass

February 8, 2023

I want to share more of what makes me stay clear minded and happy.

I am alone a lot. Creating, working, Living the dream! Sometimes I just want to chill and not be alone. These lights Lanterns. I Love them. I have really given me a feeling of total peace in my heart. I LOVE THEM!! Not lonely at all with these lights in my hang out space! Sometimes I go out there just to appreciate the peaceful romantic place I have created. I set out my glass art seconds around the lights and it really is like a dream. This is a picture of my relaxing lights with some glass. I LOVE my yard.

I also have these ones

and I have these

and WOW-these littler ones!!

these have a really cool shadow effect

THESE line my walk way in my lily garden

I take the lanterns on the road with me when I am on a music, and or a vending tour, or camping. You can turn them off in the tent too.

I have decided to start teaching from my home studio again. I am really excited about it. It is exciting to work on my ambiance! I will be making art, teaching art, practicing reiki healing. I am getting a massage chair to help people, and I have become an Amazon Associate. I can now share some of the items I purchase that I Love, that make my life Better, and make a little tip for doing so. If you click on my product links, for now on I will get a tip if a purchase is made! i do not plan on making many posts with for sale links here, other than my art. Sometimes one just falls into place! I am truly grateful for any and all support. Namaste! My dear friend likes to say, “Lets vibe high!”

Sketch book study part ONE ~ Art progressions

August 20, 2008

 Works in progree / behind the scenes….the sketches…


Fall 1994 trip to New York to see the Grateful Dead. (Yes, the Dead JAM!!!)

Living in the car, in a garage RAGE-ing with some fun folks from all over… dream, sketches…











  1995. Middle of college, I took a year off. I went on a road trip with Steve and Chris.(Good choice for travel buddies) First stop; Arkansas…this is a sketch done in the back roads on the way….

And, the first day we drove up high with the tree tops… (and, it was scary to get out on some of those roads!)

Day 2 of 30 (plus) day trip…

We crashed our car in the town of Ozone, in the Ozark mountains. (Right next to a “KKK adopted a high way” sign…eerie..)

According to everywhere we went in the town; “We are the folks from Michigan, who crashed their car in the Ozark Mountains, and are staying at the” E-cono lodge.” (Spoke with a southern draw; of course.)  Later we noticed (by looking in the phone book.) we were in a town that was a major plant for testing some kind of chemical explosion-able thing, and the first page noted the EMERGENCY escape route. Um…yes…we knew we needed out. We purchased a ’85 Escort in the town. And, thanks to Randy (Randy was the man, who at 9:00 am, on a Sunday morning, the local police officers who were helping us RIGHT after we crashed (and destroyed) the car; the police officer said Randy would drive us safely to town. I guess the officer did not notice the empty beer cans in Randy’s car, or even that Randy was having his morning beer, on Sunday at 9:00 am, while driving down through the mountains in a snow storm…Luckily we did make it to the “E-cono Lodge“…. Um….So, a couple days later, Randy helped us register a new car in Arkansas so we could get the hell out….

Made it to the Guadalupe’s… this is where I harvested most of the crystals I have today…


Hanging out at the Tucson Arizona rest stop on the way up a mountain….

We did make it up, and we climbed

the sunset

During all of the driving around I did some doodles in the car….

That is PART ONE of the sketch book study. I published this at my old blog at Myspace, but it is not easy to find, and half the time you can not even open it, so, I re-wrote, and published it here.

I am working on Part two, hoping to have it up here by the end of the week….


Ebay is happening, and the Etsy sale ends SOON!!



***Art is a life time commitment….

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