New blank white canvas website !!

March 23, 2015

Music sure can sooth my soul. I am so super Lucky!! I got tickets to see the Grateful Dead in Chicago. The “Fare the well” shows!! Stoked!!! The Dead have given me some free art to work with in the near future too. Pretty sweet!

Check out these tribute pendants at the New Website !! I’m collaborating with all these talented old school Dead heads!! Love it!

Note-I decided that since I’m a One Woman show, and cant make up my mind about anything….seriously overloaded with decisions these days….I’m just going to open the website and roll with it. YUP! BLANK white canvas. Imagine what I could do with that? LOL

Always a work in progress!!

SheilaMorley020315 152insta

Image by Ronald Morley Words from “Comes a time” Grateful Dead


WORDS! Etsy, Facebook, loosing my marbles soon!! And!!!! Help is on the way!

November 17, 2014

Some glass is listed for sale at the temporary Etsy shop.

Soul Gesture Moon Goddess

Soul Gesture               Moon Goddess

Stop by Sheila Morley’s Glass Art on Facebook. .

implosion pendants

New!! New!! New!! Been working on my “Concert series” of Marbles.  A new technique!! I figured it out all by myself over several years! (BAM! that’s my reward, I get to say that. lol)  I’m using those decals I sell.  A tribute to the Grateful Dead, my favorite band.  Totally stoked to collaborate with several different Artist’s on this!!!!  Here is a peak.

inspiration- May 1982, Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA by Joel Eisenberg

Collaboration- pictures May 1982, Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA by Joel Eisenberg, Ron Morley Eye art, Sheila Morley Soul gestures, bear google art 😉

Thank the Angel's for sending me her!

Thank the Angel’s for sending me her!

THIS is So RAD!! 😉

This is my New part time Assistant! I am learning I can not do it all as fast as I need it done. I  am so stoked to have Alison on board. An amazing Women that can move Mountains! Truly Grateful for her. And she likes to dance! We have fun.

Alison also sells my glass beads and functional work at her glass Gallery in Waterford, Mi., ‘The Jellypond!’



Last but not least! Thank you for you!! The Customer, the Peer, the Collector, the friend!! I am truly Grateful for you!! 

Decals for glass flame work and fusing for Sale again!

October 14, 2014
Collabortion with Gordon.  The MI glass project logo on a borosilicate turtle

Collabortion with Gordon. The MI glass project logo on a borosilicate turtle

Glass decals available at a new Etsy web site. What’s Etsy? A secure site that allows self employed Artisans a place to sell their products. A great place for someone like me to get going again. As I prepare my New business plans and website. Yup! I am starting it all over, with lots of NEW work. (I will tell you more on that in time…)

For today! I have lots of decals for sale. Only a select few are displayed at the Etsy site. I will be listing more over the next coming weeks. I have quantity in stock here at the studio. If you see something you want to create a whole bunch with, message me direct.

And! One more thing! If your paying it forward, or giving back to the awesome people around us, I want to know about it. Makes me happy, and I’ll honor your kindness with a 20% discount. Always! Peace, Love, light, and good energy. It’s people like you that help make this place better. Thank you!!

You can also purchase decals at ABR imagery. They carry designs by myself and one of my designer Artists, Rita Stucke.

These decals are inorganic pigments printed on water slide decal paper. Your substrate will determine the exact melting temperature. Your approach to flaming them will determine your finish.   Image and substrate become 1. Permanent. These decals do not need to be raised from the surface. They are designed for permanence, water and sun resistance. Decals can be completely encased in clear for magnification. These are all subjects I am happy to discuss with any inspired soul.

Happy creating.


Around 12 months since my last update…I’m still here!

May 30, 2014

something new4I would like to take a moment and officially try to push the start button on my website (even though it is still under construction).  I am new, my life is new. As some of you know, last July My Husband, Ronald Nathe Morley, passed away unexpectedly. I am so sorry for our loss.  Myself and my children are healing. Ron saved 5 lives by donating his organs.  He hybridized many lily flowers we have yet to see be born. My family and I will be growing his babies to full maturity, naming them after him, and most likely donating to the lily society some bulbs each year.

I am truly Honored to have spent 1997 to 2013  with Ronald Nathe Morley. I am looking forward to sharing his art with you from time to time. (images here are of his art) I am also stoked to collaborate with his art and mine. (This pendant photo below is  in progress fusing his art onto glass) Stay tuned for the journey! As I venture back into selling my Art and living this life, thank you for being part of it!

This world is full of amazing people! We are here for each other.  It is unbelievable how many people have extended peace, love, generosity,heart felt thoughts……I can’t say Thank you enough for the generosity of others.  Thank you! YOU!

My first glass “event” since last year!!  I am Volunteering for the Michigan glass project this June 6,7,8. Come out and watch Live glass flame working and blowing. Check out the website ….some of my art work will be available for sale there. peace!

got to make it somehow

Bead and button in Wisconsin, and The Michigan glass project in Detroit

May 29, 2013
Angel in the light

Angel in the light

Beads will be heading out to Milwaukee, Wisconsin next week for the bead and button show!   My work is at the GLASSACT booth. 1 block from some of my favorite people!! Ross with ABR Imagery glass supply, and across the way from Margaret Zinser. Harold will be there next to Ross!! (This is my 7th year in the show! It is a good one!)

Get my beads while you can!! As My beads have evolved, so have I, and the future looks….different than how the past did!!  While I’m hanging out, trying to figure out how to raise a brood, I am honing my skills….like a Mad scientist!! I am really looking forward to taking my work to a new place! On with the new!

The same weekend as the bead and button show I will be participating in an event I am very stoked for!! The Michigan glass project (hosted by Urban Phesant glass) IN DETROIT, MICHIGAN  June 6,7,8,9.  Several glass Artist’s will be joining together to mix, melt and sculpt glass. We have several different glass types going at one time. Furnace workers, flame workers, neon workers! total crazy inspiration collaboration!!!!Open to the public. Music at night with cocktails! Visit The Michigan glass project for details. Glass beads, pipes, cups, dishes, sculpture you can buy….The borosilicate hollow tube glass blowers next to the HOT furnace crucible….what will these boys do? I am really looking forward to it. We have some serious talent emerging in the Detroit area! Like never before! Hope you can make it!

Thank you for taking the time to check in.  And Thank you for supporting your local Artist’s!

The International Flame Conference~Orbs

March 8, 2013

marble SheilaMorley 2 15 13 100 (2)This is the beginning of something new in My Artistic journey.

For several years I have been reading about the International Flame conference hosted by Salem Community College (In New Jersey). It is all about glass flame working. I am TOTALLY honored to have been selected by, Paul Stankard, to participate on a panel discussion about Glass Orbs. Paul is an Artist that, not only do I admire on a Mentor level, I consider him a friend, and I am in awe of his Art glass creations.  I’m really looking forward to demonstrations and lectures by the Featured Artist, Vittorio Costantini. Other Artist’s include Eunsuh Choi, Micah Evans, Kim Fields, Gateson Recko, a boro pull by Abe Fleishman, and Panel discussion on orbs (moderated by Jenna Efrein) with Abe Fleishman, myself, Gateson Recko and Kenan Tiemeyer.  The Conference is the weekend of March 23, 2013

Visit the Salem Community College webpage to learn more about the conference.

My work will be exhibited at the  Wheaton Arts Gallery booth.

Real life has been going on!

March 5, 2013

SheilaMorley 2 15 13 773 (2)The past 4 months have been life changing. And every now and then, I would like to share the reality.  Life does not always agree with our creative goals.

I am happy to announce to the world  that in December, my Husband and I took Guardianship of my Great Niece, Sarah Rose.  She is 10 years old. I now have a 12 yr old, Nathe(right), a 10 year old boy, Evan (left), and 10 yr old Sarah (top).  Getting the family together and starting some new routines has been a challenge, but with time, we are adjusting. This did take precedence over my art for most of December, and January.

While I started November with goals in place to put some work for sale on line. I ran into issues with my equipment and material.  My Oxygen generator decided that its purity was going to decrease.  This made making marbles difficult because it makes my clear glass dirty.  And to top it off, I ran out of clear glass, and now nobody makes the size I am custom to using.  Making marbles seams like an up hill battle.

So, I need to pick up and pay for oxygen tanks.  Picking up oxygen is a challenge for several reasons. Moving the tanks is difficult. I have over active nerves and I tend to get way to soar after relocating tanks. (Especially when snow is on the ground).  The only hours the Oxy tank suppliers are open are when I am at my 9-5 job. That’s how I pays the bills so I can have my equipment and make art for the sake of it.  Also, the amount of money these Oxy suppliers bully out of a glass worker is ridiculous.  Long story short, I now pick up oxygen during my lunch hour, and I am totally grinning and bearing the entire process!!

As far as the clear glass, that I can no longer get in stock.  I have to peel 100% of the surface of the clear glass I can get.   I can peel the “scum” off the surface. I can get to the crystal clear material that lies below the surface of a glass rod.   It seams like 50% of my glass is getting thrown out. I am in search of a big pot of crystal clear bubble free molten glass to hang out with!

Life sure does bring on surprises!Your caught up to early January…stay tuned because what happens next is totally Artistically exciting!  A story for another “category” of the blog. 🙂

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