Lighting is everything sometimes – Ambiance and glass

February 8, 2023

I want to share more of what makes me stay clear minded and happy.

I am alone a lot. Creating, working, Living the dream! Sometimes I just want to chill and not be alone. These lights Lanterns. I Love them. I have really given me a feeling of total peace in my heart. I LOVE THEM!! Not lonely at all with these lights in my hang out space! Sometimes I go out there just to appreciate the peaceful romantic place I have created. I set out my glass art seconds around the lights and it really is like a dream. This is a picture of my relaxing lights with some glass. I LOVE my yard.

I also have these ones

and I have these

and WOW-these littler ones!!

these have a really cool shadow effect

THESE line my walk way in my lily garden

I take the lanterns on the road with me when I am on a music, and or a vending tour, or camping. You can turn them off in the tent too.

I have decided to start teaching from my home studio again. I am really excited about it. It is exciting to work on my ambiance! I will be making art, teaching art, practicing reiki healing. I am getting a massage chair to help people, and I have become an Amazon Associate. I can now share some of the items I purchase that I Love, that make my life Better, and make a little tip for doing so. If you click on my product links, for now on I will get a tip if a purchase is made! i do not plan on making many posts with for sale links here, other than my art. Sometimes one just falls into place! I am truly grateful for any and all support. Namaste! My dear friend likes to say, “Lets vibe high!”

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