Physical demands sure do inspire healthy medicine

February 5, 2023

Aa lot of effort goes into feeling good. I have to have energy, and a clear healthy mind in order to be creative, and successful at my job. I Exercise daily, practice meditation, and I take CBD’s regularly. Almost every day. I notice my body feels awesome when I do that.

I take a CBD that has Turmeric in it, and black pepper. The black pepper makes the turmeric anti inflammatory properties work 2,000% stronger! I Love this product so much, I became an Affiliate for them. And I got to tell ya, it is a lot of fun to help people feel good! As well as working with super kind people. The company was founded by people that I have met in my life that have really impressed me. Not only are they kind to eachother, and supportive of each others dreams, as a family, I see them offering that kindness to people all around their life. These are the kind of people I feel great supporting. It is a Grateful experience.


Sand art Inspiration ~ Celebrates passion~Yoga in the mind

November 5, 2008

Mind yoga….

I believe glass is the most versatile medium on the market.  And sand? Sand is its essence. We create clay, glass, even metal with fine particles (like sand). (By “we”, I am talking about us, the people that maunufacture consistent mediums to make art, and functional objects with.)  Even in its found form, sand can create beautiful images.

I have an extreme obsession with the particles that create the perfect medium.  I LOVED mixing up the powders to creat glaze, and various clay bodies.  I never thought of spreading them out on a lit up table and projecting the images onto the wall. It turns out to be a highly respected art form.  I am blown away, I would love to try it.


Oh! And, a thought… Isn’t it cool how artistic we all are.  Be it for the sake of visual beauty, or just pure functional pleasure, or the art of the way we live our lives; people create so many uber cool things. One thing I REALLY like about my day job at Farnell Contracting; everybody there is so good at what they do. There really is an art to everything.

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