Running man marble, and my inside scoop

The Running man murrini from 2008! The ends of the pull. The big pieces! The idea – Where will we go from here? The whole Idea of having to get the hell out of here when the earth is no longer….This is the last marble I made with the murrini slices. I did sell some of it to other Artist’s, and I do have a few chips left (keepers).  I am taking this one with me to an Art show this weekend in Bloomfield hills, MI. at the Unitarian church (November 3, 2012).

My inside scoop…Lately it has been difficult to really define what is going on with my art. To put it bluntly, I would rather make art then spend time selling it. Not a whole lot is being listed for sale on line this year.  (I do expect a few listings toward the end of November…..I really need to hire help with that.)  So, I make art, and put it in boxes. Send some off to Galleries…  I practice new ideas and try to perfect them. I produce large amounts of mistakes, and work that is not quite there. Sometimes I doubt that my work will ever get there, or find there…..I am not sure I even know where there is these days.  Art is a lifetime commitment!

The bottom line!! Come see my work. Come see it in person at a show, or go to the gathered art gallery in Toledo.

Thank you for taking the time to check in.

4 Responses to Running man marble, and my inside scoop

  1. Caco says:

    Sheila, do you have any full color 96 COE Dead decals for sale?

  2. check your email. I just sent you a note on that.

  3. Caco says:

    email on your gmail account, lady!

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