Real life has been going on!

SheilaMorley 2 15 13 773 (2)The past 4 months have been life changing. And every now and then, I would like to share the reality.  Life does not always agree with our creative goals.

I am happy to announce to the world  that in December, my Husband and I took Guardianship of my Great Niece, Sarah Rose.  She is 10 years old. I now have a 12 yr old, Nathe(right), a 10 year old boy, Evan (left), and 10 yr old Sarah (top).  Getting the family together and starting some new routines has been a challenge, but with time, we are adjusting. This did take precedence over my art for most of December, and January.

While I started November with goals in place to put some work for sale on line. I ran into issues with my equipment and material.  My Oxygen generator decided that its purity was going to decrease.  This made making marbles difficult because it makes my clear glass dirty.  And to top it off, I ran out of clear glass, and now nobody makes the size I am custom to using.  Making marbles seams like an up hill battle.

So, I need to pick up and pay for oxygen tanks.  Picking up oxygen is a challenge for several reasons. Moving the tanks is difficult. I have over active nerves and I tend to get way to soar after relocating tanks. (Especially when snow is on the ground).  The only hours the Oxy tank suppliers are open are when I am at my 9-5 job. That’s how I pays the bills so I can have my equipment and make art for the sake of it.  Also, the amount of money these Oxy suppliers bully out of a glass worker is ridiculous.  Long story short, I now pick up oxygen during my lunch hour, and I am totally grinning and bearing the entire process!!

As far as the clear glass, that I can no longer get in stock.  I have to peel 100% of the surface of the clear glass I can get.   I can peel the “scum” off the surface. I can get to the crystal clear material that lies below the surface of a glass rod.   It seams like 50% of my glass is getting thrown out. I am in search of a big pot of crystal clear bubble free molten glass to hang out with!

Life sure does bring on surprises!Your caught up to early January…stay tuned because what happens next is totally Artistically exciting!  A story for another “category” of the blog. 🙂

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