Bead and button in Wisconsin, and The Michigan glass project in Detroit

May 29, 2013
Angel in the light

Angel in the light

Beads will be heading out to Milwaukee, Wisconsin next week for the bead and button show!   My work is at the GLASSACT booth. 1 block from some of my favorite people!! Ross with ABR Imagery glass supply, and across the way from Margaret Zinser. Harold will be there next to Ross!! (This is my 7th year in the show! It is a good one!)

Get my beads while you can!! As My beads have evolved, so have I, and the future looks….different than how the past did!!  While I’m hanging out, trying to figure out how to raise a brood, I am honing my skills….like a Mad scientist!! I am really looking forward to taking my work to a new place! On with the new!

The same weekend as the bead and button show I will be participating in an event I am very stoked for!! The Michigan glass project (hosted by Urban Phesant glass) IN DETROIT, MICHIGAN  June 6,7,8,9.  Several glass Artist’s will be joining together to mix, melt and sculpt glass. We have several different glass types going at one time. Furnace workers, flame workers, neon workers! total crazy inspiration collaboration!!!!Open to the public. Music at night with cocktails! Visit The Michigan glass project for details. Glass beads, pipes, cups, dishes, sculpture you can buy….The borosilicate hollow tube glass blowers next to the HOT furnace crucible….what will these boys do? I am really looking forward to it. We have some serious talent emerging in the Detroit area! Like never before! Hope you can make it!

Thank you for taking the time to check in.  And Thank you for supporting your local Artist’s!

The International Flame Conference~Orbs

March 8, 2013

marble SheilaMorley 2 15 13 100 (2)This is the beginning of something new in My Artistic journey.

For several years I have been reading about the International Flame conference hosted by Salem Community College (In New Jersey). It is all about glass flame working. I am TOTALLY honored to have been selected by, Paul Stankard, to participate on a panel discussion about Glass Orbs. Paul is an Artist that, not only do I admire on a Mentor level, I consider him a friend, and I am in awe of his Art glass creations.  I’m really looking forward to demonstrations and lectures by the Featured Artist, Vittorio Costantini. Other Artist’s include Eunsuh Choi, Micah Evans, Kim Fields, Gateson Recko, a boro pull by Abe Fleishman, and Panel discussion on orbs (moderated by Jenna Efrein) with Abe Fleishman, myself, Gateson Recko and Kenan Tiemeyer.  The Conference is the weekend of March 23, 2013

Visit the Salem Community College webpage to learn more about the conference.

My work will be exhibited at the  Wheaton Arts Gallery booth.

Running man marble, and my inside scoop

October 31, 2012

The Running man murrini from 2008! The ends of the pull. The big pieces! The idea – Where will we go from here? The whole Idea of having to get the hell out of here when the earth is no longer….This is the last marble I made with the murrini slices. I did sell some of it to other Artist’s, and I do have a few chips left (keepers).  I am taking this one with me to an Art show this weekend in Bloomfield hills, MI. at the Unitarian church (November 3, 2012).

My inside scoop…Lately it has been difficult to really define what is going on with my art. To put it bluntly, I would rather make art then spend time selling it. Not a whole lot is being listed for sale on line this year.  (I do expect a few listings toward the end of November…..I really need to hire help with that.)  So, I make art, and put it in boxes. Send some off to Galleries…  I practice new ideas and try to perfect them. I produce large amounts of mistakes, and work that is not quite there. Sometimes I doubt that my work will ever get there, or find there…..I am not sure I even know where there is these days.  Art is a lifetime commitment!

The bottom line!! Come see my work. Come see it in person at a show, or go to the gathered art gallery in Toledo.

Thank you for taking the time to check in.

Glass show Nov 3, 2012 in Bloomfield hills, MI

October 19, 2012

Glass show Nov 3, 2012 in Bloomfield hills, MI

Come enjoy the art, have a snack, and watch some demonstrations!

Bead show October 14!!

September 27, 2012

The bead bonanza is coming up!! Sunday, October 14 from 10am to 5 pm at the Southfield Civic center. A bead show. ALL KINDS of beads. (I personally prefer the glass ones! These glass beads are celebrating!)

My sets will be there!! (Come get them while you can. I have not been making them so much anymore.) Yup! Lentils, and rounds, and great BIG HUGE focal beads!! And if your not into my flow, see some of the other Artist’s work!!  My work is at the Southeast Michigan bead makers booth. We have 10 to 15 Artist’s work on display every fall and every spring.

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