Creating art and making ends meet. NEWS about the glass art

Red hote poker focal bead by Sheila Morley
Red hot poker focal bead by Sheila Morley

Recently I have started putting more hours to my “other” job. The reality is that, this art is becoming the “other” job, and that job is becoming the *real* job.

No, I am not taking that personally, and I am not blaming this economy. It is just the way it is.  Time is what I have 😉
In order to have two jobs, two kids, a life to cater to, and be happy…I have decided to make some changes; and I am telling you what I have decided.  I am going to be happy, enjoy life, and get my jobs done the best I can.
My Etsy shop will continue to have one or two new items a week.
(This “red hot poker” implosion is New at the Etsy shop 10-12-08.)
(I am having a BE HAPPY ECONOMY SALE! There will be auctions starting as low as $9.99 ALL OF OCTOBER!)
Shipping will take place on Tuesday’s and Friday’s after payment is received. (Lots of FREE shipping auctions going on this month too! In honor of our super happy to be economy!)
     I will be doing local shows in Michigan (Metro Detroit area)
All is well here. As long as we BUY LOCAL! Support our neighbors in our country, we will be fine. 
I will be at the Dearborn Glass art academy (December 6, and 7 2008) selling art, and visiting with some FANTASTIC Artists.  One o f my favorite things about them (aside from their kindness and talent) is the attitude they have that is going to help keep this place a better place…AND, I quote the note on the website; “Keep the Dollar Local.  Purchasing artwork, taking a class, or participating in a special event at the Glass Academy is a great way to support the local art scene and economy. Thanks for your support!”  Did you know they promote recycling, and going green too?  The Dearborn Glass art academy is a place everyone should visit.
The Winter wonders Glass art show is coming up! (BIRMINGHAM MICHIGAN! Saturday, November ST) MANY LOCAL Artists (members of GLASSACT guild) come together to offer their passionate creations for sale. ONE of a kind pieces. These Artist’s know what the economy is doing to the middle class. This is reflected in our pricing. PLEASE COME support the local Artist’s.  Jewelry, sculpture, dishes, wall art, paper weights, marbles (the perfect round objects MANY people collect!)  Animals, and cute stuff, elegant, and contemporary FINE art. Lets make this place, here in Michigan happy this holiday season. Great prices, beautiful creations! WONDERFUL gifts!
I will keep the blog posted at least one time a week, and I do plan more murrini art talk, and some more sketch book study. As time allows.
Thanks for reading.

2 Responses to Creating art and making ends meet. NEWS about the glass art

  1. Angie Garren says:

    No matter what you call your “real” job, Sheila, you will always be an artist through and through. You are doing your best to be a well-rounded Mom and Wife and Person. . .there will always be changes in priorities as we go through life, and being happy with each day is the best way to sail smoothly. I like the way you have set your priorities, and I’ll be looking forward to glass goodies and updates in your weekly blog! Hugs and lots of admiration, Ang

  2. Aw, Thank you!

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