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October 10, 2008

LAst week I met with a group of flame workers (lampworker/bead maker friends). We met at the Western Michigan glass society. (If you go to the site; a picture of me is on the homepage…lol!) We rented the space, with over 10 torches, and numerous tools. We talked about beads, techniques we use, we had a good time.

I was excited because I got to use the biggest stump sucker tool they have, and a little torch to practice schott crystal encasement (see these crystals the inventor of the tool made, he is also in e of my favorite instructors.)

With glass, every experience is a new learning experience. This piece is way off. Pretty, but WAY OFF! The flower petals were constructed improperly. (I like to use what I have, even when I know it is not perfect.  I was not going to spend a day making flowers I was just going to screw up learning what I was doing….) I heated the flowers too much. And, the glass I heated to encapsulat the flowers, I do not think was hot enough. You can tell because the flowers sagged while I was putting the glass on them.  It is the first one I have done without Loren next to me.  By next year I hope to get the perfect shape.

This weekend (SATURDAY) I am taking LOTS of beads to the bead expo at the Devos place in Grand Rapids. I am so excited to see all of the glass beads, and the polymer clay artist friends I made last year.  Come shop!

Leap day,PAPER weights with glass, Ebay is slow! MYSPACE COPY

March 1, 2008
Today is leap day. That means this day will not exist next year. So, I took the day off; kind of. I spent 3 hours on the torch, and I etched some beads. So, really, I took half the day off. In honor of the day that doesn’t really exist….right? Silly…And, since paper weight month is next month…GULP! Yup! I am naming the next month “Paper weight month”, because I have FINALLY purchased a stump sucker! Now! I can encase my murrini in big beautiful glass bubbles. (they look like bubbles; really they are BUBBLE FREE, the whole point of a stump sucker…you suck the air out.) And, that means I am am planning a stop to the furnace studio real soon! Can’t wait to get my hands on a big pot of molten glass.  Until then, I will be heating large (hockey puck size) blobs of glass in my flame, and encasing object with MY NEW STUMP SUCKER!!!!!  Yes, i will share pictures of progress. Knowing me, I will even show you my screw ups. So, that will be something to look forward to. I will even show you the paper weights I have been making without the stump sucker, so you can see what a BIG difference it makes.

For today, I have 2 pictures to share. This first one;he loves me not (with a  rainbow petal murrini flower)

This next one; some kind of Love Goddess. I was excited to have the heart look like it was floating above her hand, ever so gentle.



talk atcha later….

 (BTW, I copied this to my myspace blog too, I just can not seam to let it go…)

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