Valentines day special!

February 3, 2023

Valentines day is special for a lot of people! I know my Late Husband and I used it as a reason to go to dinner Every year! It was fun.

This year, I am using it to create Abundance! Not just for me, but for you too! I have put some of my glass on sale on line in my Etsy shop. I also listed a collection of pendants for sale for $30.00 delivered. Explosions of beautiful colors! Some floral, some dots! Sneak peak picture here!

Happy Valentines day!!

Odalisque Valentine

January 30, 2010

For Sale here

Traditional display of a female with her arms raised above her head; named the “Odalisque” by Art historians.  A celebration of Love.

Look what I got! Thank you, Ms. Booger! LOOK WHAT I MADE!

March 29, 2009


sherylboogermoonwebI organized my first event for the guild (GLASSACT). 

Sheryll Hubbard-Anspach and Jim Anspach (that link there is a nice interview); They came out for a demonstration before the bead bonanza (big bead show in Metro Detroit area every Spring, and every Fall) .

One of the GLASSACT goals is to learn, and support other Artist’s that teach; and make education less expensive for our members. Keep the flow flowin’! So, we invited Ms. Booger out for a demo!

Sheryll (Ms. Booger) did a great demonstration on her Mask beads.  She made a bug too!  And then! To top it off we got Jim (Mr. Booger) to make us a flame bead, and a beautiful rose.  (that was a bonus!) So much patience to make those flames!

Just as I went to leave Sheryll gave me this crescent moon face bead. I really love it. The blue is gorgeous, and those fluffy cheaks are so pinchable!

As soon as I got home, I was so inspired to get to my torch. I had to make a Comedy mask. The skills Sheryll shared were kind of a new perspective, and I really wanted to try it out. 







sheiamorley-inspired-by-sheryl-boogerCobalt and silver. A favorite combination of many glass flame workers. The fuming is beautiful.

I was happy with my first approach.  I can see where I want to add more detail as I go. These techniques are so imediate, and require very little tooling. I was really amazed that she could wait for the glass to land right where it needs to be. Slowly sculpting the form by adding the glass one step at a time.



Right now I am working a lot of hours for the science schools and hospitals that need shop drawings of the future labs, and classrooms. BAM! Is that off subject? Not really. It turns out many of these mad scientists are making glass on a regular basis.  Some of them are even running the departments! lol!

It is a small world after all.


The celebration of Passion ~ an art MOVEMENT ~ join?

March 8, 2008

Today, and even way before today. But, in my life; today…a new movement in art is happening and I want to document my opinion about that.

Yes, we are breaking away from the Post modern times. Where artists borrow from the past, and use those references as meaning in the work they make.

We are still (and in my opinion, always will be) borrowing from the past.  Today, we are celebrating materials, and creating meaning with them. Yes! Organic textures, portraits of people, paintings of flowers, etc… have been around for eons. But today, we create all of those things with glass. That is new. (Glass was more often used for a practical function in the US….; just like ceramics used to be!)

Today we make glass to make art. Not just making glass for the scientist and the chef dishes, and cups. We are making glass to make art. How cool is that?We use beads to make art. BEER cans,horse hair, silver, shark teeth, crystals, paint, clay, (all that traditional stuff) polymer clay,junk,scrap,tires,instruments,wood,shoes,beads make art (not just for stringing anymore….) the list goes on and on and on! Blogging is art; right now you are in art!  WE are obsessed with what we have created in an entirely new way. Art is about art…thinking in the deep…

(have you seen my cyber sisters beads making art/sculpture? you might want to check her stuff out!)

………………See these beads made by me; they are making art :)…………..

sculpturecoppersoul1.jpg sculpturecoppersoul3.jpg sculpturecoppersoul7.jpg

See those traditional ‘praxitilian ‘S’ curves? (I wrote about that before at WMC)

We are obsessed with art, and the materials used to create it. We sit and stair at it, we dream about it. We sometimes create practical forms. We use those forms (beads, masks) to make art. We do not just wear them anymore! yes, we make art WITH art!

(Shoe obsession)                             (Dot obsession)


We are celebrating our passion.

(not enough space on this server for all this stuff!)

So, me, I, this 34 year old girl from Michigan name this movement;

“The celebration of Passion”

And, that is my opinion. and I am sticking with it!

manifesto in the works!

(BTW- You are stuck in this time period, and whether you like it or not, you are passionate about something. Even if it has been done before; you can make it your own.)


And! GO CELEBRATE whatever you are passionate about. And, weather it be drawing, cooking,counting, cutting hair, or managing your life, it is all art. Your passion is your art! THERE is an art for everything.

Art is everything, the way we live….

Celebrating passion…..


Glass heart beads; silver and Lapis blue!

January 26, 2008

I put this one on Ebay …

Four Lapis blue hearts sculpted onto a cobalt bead wrapped in siver foil.

These have been VERY well received; I am happy to make so many people happy.

It is that time of year again…20 days until Hallmark makes a million dollars…;)

(I just made that up for fun)


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