Valentines day special!

February 3, 2023

Valentines day is special for a lot of people! I know my Late Husband and I used it as a reason to go to dinner Every year! It was fun.

This year, I am using it to create Abundance! Not just for me, but for you too! I have put some of my glass on sale on line in my Etsy shop. I also listed a collection of pendants for sale for $30.00 delivered. Explosions of beautiful colors! Some floral, some dots! Sneak peak picture here!

Happy Valentines day!!

Hello Spring!

April 20, 2012

Etsy shop sale continues through April!

Glass Rainbow explosions for sale

February 27, 2012

Rainbows are for sale at my Etsy shop. As much as 50% OFF!! Need to raise some funds for my travels!

Next stop is ABR Imagery April 14 in Indiana. I will be demonstrating how to make an explosion bead to members of the International Society of Glass beads. (The same kind of beads shown here.)    The best part about doing anything with glass is the people.  I get to hang out with some talented Artist’s, and they are all fantastic people.

More beads will be listed for sale on-line all week!

Thanks for stopping by!

Come what may…

April 18, 2010

eye murrini process picture…

1/4″ wide eyes


Contemporary Goddess in glass

February 17, 2009

Contemporary Goddess by Sheila Morley

Contemporary Goddess by Sheila Morley

The Goddess. Such an ancient subject.  I was very amazed by Greek mythology in my Art History and Philosophy classes.  Bottom line, many women have a “righteous” presence. Sometimes it is the beauty we see, and sometimes it is the energy they give off. 

I respect the vibe, either way.  Celebrating the evolution of the thought is what interests me.  How we go from the Goddess of Love, to the Goddess of the moon is an interesting one.  It is what we see and feel that inspires these thoughts. Right?

Love is Godly, the moon is beautiful.  It makes sense that women would want man to think they were special, or to be respected in ancient times (considering all of our history with the man treating the women less than…)  Geeze, if I had to live in a brothel, I would conjure something like that up. “I am Goddess of Love, I am sacred, and meant to be left untouched..”

Ok, just thinking out type…

This Contemporary Goddess is in her elegant gown, in complete control, and best of all, she is free to be who ever she wants. Just listed today, and on sale (WOW! low prices!)  at the Etsyt shop





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