Glasses made by me are for sale on Line at Two places!!

December 13, 2021

This past Month I dedicated some time to listing these art glasses I made For sale on the internet.

My Website

My Etsy page

The Glasses have hearts and bolts in the bottom! Art from My heart! Things I care about, my friends care about, so many people Love. That’s what the inspiration is.

Uh oh! Getting personal!!

-It was a risk, and an investment to dive into the Hot shop to create Glasses. I have always wanted to do that. The risk with the costs of Studio rental discouraged me. Not Everyday an Artist commits to renting a studio for a product line. Much better to have your own space, if you can. Glass blowing studios ar also pretty up there….

Risk #2!! I am really not the type of Artist that creates the same thing over and over. (and now I learned I CAN!) Life is ever changing. My art is about whats going on with me. Sometimes I call it “selfish” but really it drives me to be free in my creating.

My emotions are so big in me, and they are screaming to express something. The art gives me a place to allow it to pass though. In real life, I HAVE TO do so many things. SO, with that said, my creations have not always landed in the practical catagory. “Set od 4”, or Everything is *matching*…or everything has purpose…. My creations are theraputic. Which also makes them “Luxury items”

We all know Big stores with all kinds of China art………………. Sigh.

This creating thing is my best friend. (No offense to my Guitar of 34 years!) As I dove into expressing myself with glasses, I got much closer to where I am headed. My goal is to get up each day and think, and FEEL, “I am really enjoying the Ride”

BIG Thank you to my Friends for believing in me, and asking me to Dive into the Glasses! It took me places I could not imagine.

Thank you for the encouragement over the years to my Followers, My friends, My family. Bless you all!

All the work is 25% OFF!!! Happy Holiday’s!

Green and Purple and Bolts! At the Website

SYF Pint Glass At the Website

Skull Mug at the Etsy shop

Grateful Dead Wine glasses created Grateful Abundance in 2021. at the Etsy shop

Looks like the future is Landscapes…Painting landscape with glass strings. Peaceful bliss. Available by special request. Contact

I am very Grateful for the opportunity to show my art on the internet. I am pretty certain that I would not be where I am without the abundance from this experience. Thank you to Everybody!! May your days be Amazing!

New post at WMC! Some custom work.

March 10, 2009

soft glass Lampwork marble 1-1/4" dia by me.


 All about some custom thoughts!

Go read my new post at WMC!

This here marble is sitting in front of me right now.  I Love red and blue. The colors really make me happy.  And, I need some happy right now. I would normally put this at ebay, but, really? What’s the point? Hits are down, and sales are down, and my advertisement budget is $0.  So, I think I will just keep it here in front of me, until the next show. 

 The sales rep. in me is gone for a while, off in that “real life” world…I am choosing creation time over selling time…for today, and for the next little while.

I really do not know what I am doing? I do know that the next Gallery I am considering selling at shows one of my favorite glass Artist’s work too (HERE! In Michigan!). And, really that would be flattering; to have my work next to his. I’ll keep you posted on that.  After these last few years 70% of my sales were in California, about 8% in Michigan, and the rest all over the world.  So, I am not sure where the art should be (other than California!). I just know that I should be creating it, not spending my time trying to sell it.

So, I’m off in the real world, drawing auto cad drawings this week, and still writing my tutorial/book/tutorial (I can not decide if it is a book or a tutorial?), and I will be creating art at some point! And, my super secret enamel project is almost ready to show…If I didn’t have the other job, it might be done this week….and, so, I will probably stretch it out…So many projects, so little time…

thanks for checking in! ~~~~~;)


Go read that post! at WMC! 









soft glass Lampwork marble 1-1/4″ dia by me.

Dichroic glass with an “Odalisque” Goddess…one of a kind

January 8, 2008

 Dichroic light with a red Goddess on a transparent cobalt blue.

  This bead is sold.

Dichroic glass is metal fused to a piece of glass. I took that and fused it to the bead in the flame, before I sculpted the Odalisque figure on there. The metalic background is magical. LOVE it.

A Goddess…

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