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January 31, 2023

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Angels bring on a sense of comfort. A feel good feeling. A feeling of hope without having to take action.

I have been making Angel’s for many years. This bead was made over 10 years ago. This was in a collection that somehow made its way back to me. Maybe just in time to help us through these trying times.

As the cost of life continues to go up, it is hard to imagine how things will shake out.

Everything is always working out for me.

Thank you for the continued patronage! I am grateful. Bless you with white light.

New blank white canvas website !!

March 23, 2015

Music sure can sooth my soul. I am so super Lucky!! I got tickets to see the Grateful Dead in Chicago. The “Fare the well” shows!! Stoked!!! The Dead have given me some free art to work with in the near future too. Pretty sweet!

Check out these tribute pendants at the New Website !! I’m collaborating with all these talented old school Dead heads!! Love it!

Note-I decided that since I’m a One Woman show, and cant make up my mind about anything….seriously overloaded with decisions these days….I’m just going to open the website and roll with it. YUP! BLANK white canvas. Imagine what I could do with that? LOL

Always a work in progress!!

SheilaMorley020315 152insta

Image by Ronald Morley Words from “Comes a time” Grateful Dead


November 27, 2010

The begining of the Angel series is here at the blog and some are for sale at the etsy shop. (1st come,1st serve, all one of a kind)

In the dark

The light is behind her 


“I lay me down to rest”


small Angel

 hope, peace,dreams


remember, appreciate, acknowledge

continue,celebrate Life


New Angel’s will be listed for sale  at the Etsy shop

Michigan glass SHOWS! DEMONSTRATIONS~mandrell implosions

November 30, 2008

Soft glass mandrell implosion by Sheila Morley

Soft glass mandrell implosion by Sheila Morley

I have been wrapping my beads with sterling silver wire. This is it! Neat wrap. Very little tool mark. Still polished!  In no way do I claim the title as “jeweler”…. I definetly am getting these how I like. (A couple hundred beads later)

This is available at my Etsy shop for a holiday affordable price. 

Holiday’s!! ONE WEEK AWAY is one of my yearly Holiday show. AT THE DEARBORN GLASS ACADEMY!!

December 6 (Santa from 2 to 4) Open 10 am to 4 pm.

December 7 Open 10 am to 4 pm

 (My 2nd year, and I plan to be back next year!!)  My work is going to be beside some of the most very talented in my town! I am proud to be there! AT THE DEARBORN GLASS ACADEMY!! (They just updated some pictures on the HOME page! You can see Chris and Michelle! Super hip people that make art as a product line, and an element inside numerous corporate head quarters! Um…hello! These two are a success. Come check it out!) Dearborn, Michigan is right outside Detroit. Saturday and Sunday! Art, glass melting, demonstrations, craft classes!

It is a big building with lots to see!

Another show going on the same weekend. (My work is not there…) Friday, December 5-and throughout the weekend  Epiphany studio is open. April and Jay. April from up north (Interlochen, MI.) and Jay from Lahser high school (Bloomfield hills, MI) They met at the Center for Creative studies, graduating in/around 1997 with Fine art glass sculpting as the specialty. 

They are very talented. April has a sculpture line that I admire Very much!! (I just know I would love to talk back to one of her sculptures with a sculpture. Yeah, really! I share the content desire she has. Except I am a little bit more illustrational, and she is a bit more “essential”…Or “the essence” of a form.  I hope to be at that level some day.

I am really hoping to make it to Epiphany studio! I will be setting up for my show at Dearborn on Friday….not sure I will make it…; If not, I want to go there  and see the work they have been making all year. I bet a bunch of new EXTREEMLY AWESOME pieces are for sale. They open by appointment.

I can tell already it is going to be a VERY busy week.

Happy holiday’s! hope you can find the perfect gifts!

Many New designs for Christmas…….

A small Odalisque Goddess (a copy of a myspace blog)

January 7, 2008

Every now and then I disciplin myself to do what customers ask for, or friends suggest. This is one of those times.

Right before I lost my hard drive in December; I had a jewelry artists asking me (by e-mail) for buttons with my people on them. I was not really all that pleased with the results at first. I had to adjust the flame for working smaller scale. It was not my “norm”…

I have now a little group of small style beads that could be made into buttons. I may even try making intentional buttons. We’ll see.

First! I need to figure out who was asking me for those buttons. There is a lesson in all this; BACK UP YOUR E-MAIL!!

She is 1” tall.

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