Valentines day special!

February 3, 2023

Valentines day is special for a lot of people! I know my Late Husband and I used it as a reason to go to dinner Every year! It was fun.

This year, I am using it to create Abundance! Not just for me, but for you too! I have put some of my glass on sale on line in my Etsy shop. I also listed a collection of pendants for sale for $30.00 delivered. Explosions of beautiful colors! Some floral, some dots! Sneak peak picture here!

Happy Valentines day!!

Whats up? Glass ~ Murrini / Millefiori

December 30, 2008
Lampwork glass murrine bead by Sheila Morley
Lampwork glass murrine bead by Sheila Morley

Murrini at the shop!

FYI-Some star murrini, like the one in that bead are for sale.
I’ll check in later with some art blog.

All blogged out ~So work in progress ~ Narcacissm

November 23, 2008
soft glass murrini work in progress by Sheila Morley
soft glass murrini work in progress by Sheila Morley

Narcacissm; sometimes referred to as self Love, sometimes self infatuation. Ironically most narcassist’s probably do not have a whole lot of self confidence. They just can not stop assuming their opinion is what everybody else should have. And, if they do not. Then they are just not right.

With that in mind!
Marbles traditionally have two sides. Right now I am interested in the marble having a minimum of four views, hopefully six, or eight. This BIG marble I started working on a couple months ago started like this.
Each murrini… (the little walking man, or a bug (if you are my husband; he insist’s they are bugs.)  I just know they came out good enough to practice these new techniques I am developing. They are all derived by my past instructors.)  The murrini was set into a blob of super HOT peeled vetrofond clear glass, and then annealed.  All four pieces were placed together in another torch session, and shaped into a marble.   The point is, as you turn the marble, you see the person standing above ts own reflection. Over and over. Four times in this one.
The cobalt blue references a water reflection.
It is an illustration of something that is going on around me. Referencing the vicious cycle we put ourselves through, the choices made that just are the same thing over and over? Why are you hitting yourself?
Why did you hit yourself again? and again? and again?
Some things just DO NOT make sense.
So~For the sake of art….(my art is GREATLY a result of the world around me. I was supposed to be an emotionalist for some reason?? If that even is a thing?)
This one went back in the kiln, and the flame to become punty free, and decorated with an organic texture of color…(not photographed yet!)

2" soft glass Narcacissm marble by Sheila Morley

Marble by Sheila Morley 2008

 "Narcacissm" by Sheila Morley 2008

I’ll post the pictures of the actual finished piece in the next week.

Pingback to WMC! Glass explosion of a rainbow…

October 21, 2008

Click here! Go check out my new article at WMC!! Short, cute, and sweet, 😉 and ALL about that Rainbow ‘Hot poker’ implosion floral for sale at my Etsy shop (From last weeks blog). Here are a couple more available on the bay! (All one of a kind)

Sheila Morley 2008

Sheila Mroley 2008

 Running man murrini bead…

Sheila Morley murrini 2008

Sheila Morley murrini 2008

Surprize! The ISGB put my work on the site…Mother nature at work…

August 23, 2008


At the ISGB website!I went to view some other show info. and bumped into my piece on the site. Wow!

Thank you for the kudos ISGB! (International society of glass bead makers)

“Mother Nature At Work” by Sheila Morley

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