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November 17, 2014

Some glass is listed for sale at the temporary Etsy shop.

Soul Gesture Moon Goddess

Soul Gesture               Moon Goddess

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implosion pendants

New!! New!! New!! Been working on my “Concert series” of Marbles.  A new technique!! I figured it out all by myself over several years! (BAM! that’s my reward, I get to say that. lol)  I’m using those decals I sell.  A tribute to the Grateful Dead, my favorite band.  Totally stoked to collaborate with several different Artist’s on this!!!!  Here is a peak.

inspiration- May 1982, Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA by Joel Eisenberg

Collaboration- pictures May 1982, Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA by Joel Eisenberg, Ron Morley Eye art, Sheila Morley Soul gestures, bear google art 😉

Thank the Angel's for sending me her!

Thank the Angel’s for sending me her!

THIS is So RAD!! 😉

This is my New part time Assistant! I am learning I can not do it all as fast as I need it done. I  am so stoked to have Alison on board. An amazing Women that can move Mountains! Truly Grateful for her. And she likes to dance! We have fun.

Alison also sells my glass beads and functional work at her glass Gallery in Waterford, Mi., ‘The Jellypond!’



Last but not least! Thank you for you!! The Customer, the Peer, the Collector, the friend!! I am truly Grateful for you!! 


Decals for glass flame work and fusing for Sale again!

October 14, 2014
Collabortion with Gordon.  The MI glass project logo on a borosilicate turtle

Collabortion with Gordon. The MI glass project logo on a borosilicate turtle

Glass decals available at a new Etsy web site. What’s Etsy? A secure site that allows self employed Artisans a place to sell their products. A great place for someone like me to get going again. As I prepare my New business plans and website. Yup! I am starting it all over, with lots of NEW work. (I will tell you more on that in time…)

For today! I have lots of decals for sale. Only a select few are displayed at the Etsy site. I will be listing more over the next coming weeks. I have quantity in stock here at the studio. If you see something you want to create a whole bunch with, message me direct.

And! One more thing! If your paying it forward, or giving back to the awesome people around us, I want to know about it. Makes me happy, and I’ll honor your kindness with a 20% discount. Always! Peace, Love, light, and good energy. It’s people like you that help make this place better. Thank you!!

You can also purchase decals at ABR imagery. They carry designs by myself and one of my designer Artists, Rita Stucke.

These decals are inorganic pigments printed on water slide decal paper. Your substrate will determine the exact melting temperature. Your approach to flaming them will determine your finish.   Image and substrate become 1. Permanent. These decals do not need to be raised from the surface. They are designed for permanence, water and sun resistance. Decals can be completely encased in clear for magnification. These are all subjects I am happy to discuss with any inspired soul.

Happy creating.


The International Flame Conference~Orbs

March 8, 2013

marble SheilaMorley 2 15 13 100 (2)This is the beginning of something new in My Artistic journey.

For several years I have been reading about the International Flame conference hosted by Salem Community College (In New Jersey). It is all about glass flame working. I am TOTALLY honored to have been selected by, Paul Stankard, to participate on a panel discussion about Glass Orbs. Paul is an Artist that, not only do I admire on a Mentor level, I consider him a friend, and I am in awe of his Art glass creations.  I’m really looking forward to demonstrations and lectures by the Featured Artist, Vittorio Costantini. Other Artist’s include Eunsuh Choi, Micah Evans, Kim Fields, Gateson Recko, a boro pull by Abe Fleishman, and Panel discussion on orbs (moderated by Jenna Efrein) with Abe Fleishman, myself, Gateson Recko and Kenan Tiemeyer.  The Conference is the weekend of March 23, 2013

Visit the Salem Community College webpage to learn more about the conference.

My work will be exhibited at the  Wheaton Arts Gallery booth.

Glass show Nov 3, 2012 in Bloomfield hills, MI

October 19, 2012

Glass show Nov 3, 2012 in Bloomfield hills, MI

Come enjoy the art, have a snack, and watch some demonstrations!

In a New Gallery in Ferndale, MI

August 3, 2012

My Glass is at the Lawrence  Street Gallery in Ferndale, Michigan for the month of August. Several  local glass Artist’s are participating in this Glass show!!

The opening reception is Friday August 3rd from 6pm to 9pm.  Click here for location info. (Sorry about the late notice. Summer with the kids is keeping me busy!)

I have sculpture, marbles, and bead pendants for sale all through August, 2012. (And! Most likely this will be a recurring show for me.)

Casting a spell

Fall, Time for a Glass Bead show

September 22, 2010

Grand Rapids bead expo 


 October 16, 2010 (Grand Rapids,Mi)

At the Prince Conference Center

On the campus of Calvin College;

Calvin College is at 3201 Burton Street, S.E.
Grand Rapids, MI 49546-4301


visit my website


Story about some marbles and a bead

May 6, 2010

My last post at wmc continues this week…

Part 1

Part 2

Hey friends! RemeMber Colin May?  I made his little brother some marbles, and a bead. Wrote a story about it at WMC.  The whole thing is inspired by a gift I received from Colin’s little brother, Judah (in 1992).   A rock with an eye painted on it.  I was comforted to know it was there. Just to know that Colin’s little brother made that gesture; to send a message that maybe he is keeping an eye on me…It is hard to explain.  At the time of loosing my boyfriend; finding the feeling of security was difficult. That rock brought me peace of mind, and it ment a lot to me. Especially at that time…and really I am still comforted by the eye on the rock. When I see other eye designs, I always find myself recalling that rock.

So, I made up some eye murrini (You can see pictures at Part 1), and combined with some colorful explosions. Enjoy!

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