Decals for glass flame work and fusing for Sale again!

October 14, 2014
Collabortion with Gordon.  The MI glass project logo on a borosilicate turtle

Collabortion with Gordon. The MI glass project logo on a borosilicate turtle

Glass decals available at a new Etsy web site. What’s Etsy? A secure site that allows self employed Artisans a place to sell their products. A great place for someone like me to get going again. As I prepare my New business plans and website. Yup! I am starting it all over, with lots of NEW work. (I will tell you more on that in time…)

For today! I have lots of decals for sale. Only a select few are displayed at the Etsy site. I will be listing more over the next coming weeks. I have quantity in stock here at the studio. If you see something you want to create a whole bunch with, message me direct.

And! One more thing! If your paying it forward, or giving back to the awesome people around us, I want to know about it. Makes me happy, and I’ll honor your kindness with a 20% discount. Always! Peace, Love, light, and good energy. It’s people like you that help make this place better. Thank you!!

You can also purchase decals at ABR imagery. They carry designs by myself and one of my designer Artists, Rita Stucke.

These decals are inorganic pigments printed on water slide decal paper. Your substrate will determine the exact melting temperature. Your approach to flaming them will determine your finish.   Image and substrate become 1. Permanent. These decals do not need to be raised from the surface. They are designed for permanence, water and sun resistance. Decals can be completely encased in clear for magnification. These are all subjects I am happy to discuss with any inspired soul.

Happy creating.


Bead show October 14!!

September 27, 2012

The bead bonanza is coming up!! Sunday, October 14 from 10am to 5 pm at the Southfield Civic center. A bead show. ALL KINDS of beads. (I personally prefer the glass ones! These glass beads are celebrating!)

My sets will be there!! (Come get them while you can. I have not been making them so much anymore.) Yup! Lentils, and rounds, and great BIG HUGE focal beads!! And if your not into my flow, see some of the other Artist’s work!!  My work is at the Southeast Michigan bead makers booth. We have 10 to 15 Artist’s work on display every fall and every spring.

Landscape trade

June 21, 2012

‘Remembering the woods, and the rapids on the boat trips’.

Welded glass… 2-1/2″ tall focal bead (plus or minus a little)

It was an honor to trade this bead with Gideon Rockwood (Uber talented borosilicate glass flame worker) Trading for guidance at the torch (with a GTT phantom torch and a pedal). Word!


March 5, 2012

I do not recall how long I have been imagining this piece.  Took me a long time to actually create it.  There had to be a perfect scale between the implosion (white burst of energy) and the figure. And the arms had to be in the perfect place.. . as she releases a magical energy…for the sake of Art, and imagination…

To feel free, beautiful, and have powerful goodness….If you could create an image of the moment an epiphany takes place, this is one of them.

After several years of imagining this one, and a few prototypes here and there.  Being the Creator, I have to say, the completion of this project was a magical moment. Like Serendipity to me.

Many of those implosions made into beads are for sale, 50% off retail price all through April at the Etsy shop.  I call them “explosions”, enjoy!

Glass, Flame work 2-1/4″ tall

A Memory project – “Indelible”

February 20, 2012

This year I am inspired by the idea of creating a piece about a memory. The project is to create glass beads that represent a memory of something you care about. Then create a piece of jewelry with it. I am inspired to make the bead, not really the jewelry part… I started to make a bead for this project, and there seams to be an incompatible glass in my bead, and it broke mid way (I garaged it in the kiln for a while…)
remembering show days with the Grateful Dead…I started to weld it back together and then realized it might be a glass issue,and I can re-make if I get a chance…


I did make time for listing work for sale! New work is at the Etsy shop all week!!

The ISGB is hosting the indelible 

Hey Glass Goddess rising above it all!

December 13, 2011

Wish we could rise above it all, with no worries, and be free!

The Etsy shop is open!

Have a great Holiday!

Demonstrating Flame worked glass at Ariana Gallery

September 1, 2010

See the flame?

Ever wonder what “lampworking” was? No, it is not making lamps? It is melting glass in a flame, and making cool art with it. You can weld it, sculpt it, paint with it; the sky is the limit. Come check it out at Ariana Gallery during glass month in April! (11 mile and Main street in downtown Royal Oak,MI)

Imagine the inspiration; making art in a Fine Art Gallery.

<—-studio shot; working on some borosilicate hollow forms.

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