Published in an Article by Jim Kervin

July 19, 2009


I get home from work on a Friday night. I am tired, kind of discouraged by the whole “this economy” thing.

I open the mailbox, and I see my quarterly Publication by the International Society of Glass bead makers (a magazine); I immediatley open the magazine, excited to see what my peers are up to, and BAM! My bead in an Article about sculptural Goddess beads.  I own a few of Jim Kervin’s books. This is a big deal in my head. This feels good, rewarding; I am proud.






I will quote what he wrote about my work. After he compares the other Artist’s work to eachother, he gets to mine;

“These beads have all been sculptural torsos, but Sheila Morley took a different tack. She made her goddess as sort of a sculptural cameo application to a tabular blue background that is real interesting.”

“Real interesting”; I’ll appreciate those words coming from Jim Kervin .

Being published is usually a LOT of work. This is something we do not expect to happen. I am documented in a historical publication that people will be reading for a long time.


Oakland, CA. International Society of glass beadmakers GATHERING!

August 5, 2008

THE GATHERING IS THIS WEEK!! MANY glass artists in one place!! This happens ONE DAY out of every year  somewhere in the USA.

August 9!! is the  The Bazaar  at the Oakland Marriott City Center, 1001 Broadway, Oakland, CA.  GLASS sculpture, beads, all made with GLASS! Who is going to be there? oh! Just some of the BEST glass artists from around the world!

Here are a few, out of hundreds!!: James, JC, Andrew, Margret, Harold,


Hello to all the AWESOME BEAD MAKER-ARTIST FRIENDS! Sending some good vibes from Michigan!! This should be the best bazaar show ever!!! Wish I could be there!!

Oakland, California; right outside San Francisco. That spot where many of my favorite artist’s and musicians lived. Jerry garcia, from the Grateful Dead. Janis Joplin (WHo has a Web site! I don’t think she ever even saw the Internet. Can you imagine someone celebrating YOUR life so much, that they build you a website when you die? hm…must be $$ involved..(I’m bad!)  She was SO TALENTED! Do not forget STANLEY MOUSE is not far away. A fabulous poster Artist from the 60’s; and still kickin’!!

Well, Merl Saunders is around those parts. I saw him in San Francisco in 1991…hm….been a while.  i am not sure if he travells…I think he lives in Cali?   Phill lesh, Bob Weir, many awesome musicians! Still kickin’ and playing wonderful music…all from the Oakland, California/San FrANCISCO area…Berkley, Cali. ;


If you go, have fun for me, and buy some KILLER GLASS!!!  (Don’t forget to ride the trolley….)

Peace; still a good idea!

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