Glasses made by me are for sale on Line

December 13, 2021

Visit my Etsy page to purchase glass

The Glasses have hearts and bolts in the bottom.

Green and Purple and Bolts… At my email—- CONTACT ME

SYF Pint Glass (private message for availability)

Skull Mug at the Etsy shop

Grateful Dead Wine glasses created Grateful Abundance in 2021. at the Etsy shop

I am very Grateful for the opportunity to show my art on the internet. I am pretty certain that I would not be where I am without the abundance from this experience. Thank you to Everybody!! May your days be Amazing!

Check out what was made with my decals!!

July 10, 2009


Sarica Beads 6 2009

Check out what Sarah Elizondo made with some Flower power decals!!

It is so exciting when a customer pulls through with some feadback!! LOVE it!

It is interesting to see what enamel does over different colors. It will take me a lifetime to get all of the testing done…There are so many things I want to try.

The green really pops off any color. Totally opaque; it does not let that color underneath show thru. The green creates an outline around itself. And! What ever color I put the green on; it reactes differently.   The possibilities are endless with this medium. Here, the outline is a dark green. Sometimes the outline shimmers like mica. The green itself shimmers!  LOVE the green!

I am super stoked to see tests come rolling in.  It really is a win WIN stuation.  Sharing ideas is the way to go!

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