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May 26, 2010

One of a kind glass art beads and supplies for how much?

February 14, 2009

Um, when then Husband can’t work, and the cost of living gets way HIGH, we Artist’s gotta do what we gotta do.

So, BIG SALE! A sale with not a whole lot of advertising (yet)…

the entire Etsy shop,
My website
are on SALE!!!! HUGE!!!!
change-able pendants
a murrini floral implosion Marble

a few pictures for you!


soft glass murrini mandrel implosion by Sheila Molrey

soft glass murrini mandrel implosion by Sheila MolreyLampwork glass murrine bead by Sheila MorleyGoddess and energy


Goddess and energy
Goddess and energy

And more in the shops! 

Hippie acid…glass hippie chick…

November 25, 2008

A hippie chick! I LOVE hippie girls. Just be how you are. I see the beauty in that. Some of my friends and family ask about make-up and dress up. And, to be honest I have nothing against it. I even admire girls that can do all of that.

I think about how I feel, more than I think about how I look.

With that said, many people are accusing this of being my self portrait. And, I think everyone assumes it is, maybe? At least the people that know me.

The first hippie chick I made was clay (1996). She is about 14″ tall. Then the rest of her is built to that scale. (she lives here in the garage. When I want to , I can go see what she is up to. (set tasks by her). (She is thinking about it…) I imagine planting Ivy from her head, and letting it grow into her hair. (Yet, another work in progress.)  The clay piece and this glass piece are sitting in the same position. Except the clay girl’s hands are on the ground, and she is playing with beads. (instead of the peace symbol) Oh! And, ironically the beads are as big as her, and even some are bigger than her.  Her passion was stronger than her kind-a thought…

I remember my professor looking at it, and looking at me, and saying, “Well, it’s your self portrait.”

I immediately insisted that it wasn’t. The truth, I just did not realize it while I was doing it. And then it made sense…;Honest. Weird.

This hippie chick is made with glass, and is dipped in acid, which creates a matte finish, and a funny co-wink-ee-dink!


Glass lady with a dress #12, Dearborn art show, and more!

July 30, 2008

    This is a very fun bead. She reminds me of Jessica from the Roger rabbit movie. (except for the brown hair). She is at auction todayat Ebay.

Her shoulder is really my favorite part. She is on the move. 😉

Dates for the Dearborn Glass academy art show have been set! Dember 5,6, and 7, 2008. I plan to be there with my work. It is a great show. Glass demonstrations go on the entire weekend. You can have an Artist create a custom piece just for you. It really is a great experience.   

Did you ever want to melt glass? I just read at the Dearborn Glass academy website; they are having a sampler class day! August 9!! Right around the corner.If you think that you want to try furnace glass, flame working, maybe neon?? Go check it out!

The Orchard lake Fine arts show went well. Thanks for coming by to visit. It is nice to see customers in person, and hear that you are checking in with my art blog. That is what it is here for.  I do plan to do the show next year too..

I will be working hard over the next few weeks; lots to do. I will check in soon with some art talk. For now, you can check out my last article for watch me create team blog here.

Oh! Almost forgot! BIG sale at my Etsy shop! Click here! 🙂


New and Old Glass art for sale…by WHO?

March 11, 2008
NEW! Glass ART~WHO is selling my work? besides me?
SOMEBODY is re-selling my beads on Ebay. Check it out here…beads from Last year! (totally great asking price too!)
Here are a couple from me…
Space bead…click here…

Meditation Goddess…click here

Remember! There is no reserve.
have a good one!

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