Sculpting Hot Clay Cars!

March 29, 2018

In March of 2017 I applied to, and was accepted to be in the Clay Sculpting Certification program at the Center of Creative Studies. Located in Detroit, Michigan, the classroom is on the 11th floor of a beautiful building.

We Sculpt cars out of clay BEFORE the real deal!! Yep. Before Manufacturing a real car, we sculpt them from clay,  The clay is Hot and it hardens as it cools.  This process is fascinating. I look forward to a job in this field.

This is 25% of the real size, 1/4, 1:4 !! in progress… Enjoy!

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holy grail 2 again…a post never published; almost lost!! Artist inside scoop thoughts…

October 14, 2009

An “odalisque” 2006

What if I were to interupt the normal flow of things a little bit. When I was writing my second post on the holy grail for Watch me create this was the first result.

I am letting an inner personal perspective shine….read with caution;

This is a touchy subject. We are talking about deep secrets.  Do we tell people how we do the things we do? Or, do we keep it a secret? Do we reveal technique?

I am addicted to celebrating the passion in art. As soon as I learn something, I see another Artist’s work, and I see how they could benefit from a technique, or medium.  We only get to be here and see it for so long. The more; the MORE! More is good.

On with the story to the grail…

From 1991-1994 (Fall) my emphasis with art was painting. I was a landscape painter. I lived up North and studied the landscape, and painted when I was not working. The Professor in painting at my University and I did not seam to get along, and that is really why I went into sculpture. I did have good print making Instructors, but I knew the digital world would take that over some day.  (And, now with my decals; there is some irony to that thought.) Now, for all I know, that Painting Professor may have known that painting was wrong for me, and sculpture is where I should be, and he just had a funny way of expressing that? One can only speculate.  He intimidated me.  The move to sculpture was a little bit of a head game. It was still dominated by men, and I was reminded of that often.

Ceramics turned my head another direction. I could feel the art in my hands. It was a magical discovery. Sculpting the images I would draw before came natural to me. I still had the same inspirations, and now I could create little environments for a sculpture, and the art became a part of life.

Studying ceramics was about studying mediums with different viscosity, and malliability.  How to best control the medium in a number of ways.  Knowing that I could take the raw elements and make art with them, was really neat to me.  Science becomes a part of the creation process in the Clay workers world.  Mixing clay bodies, and glazes is an incredible discovery.  Being able to know what metals mix what colors, at what temperature;  controlling the elements with heat, and flame. We begin to understand all of these chemical reactions.

Creating for the sake of celebrating something I am passionate about. That is why I was there in Art school.   So, am I practical? Can I earn the living?  I needed to find inspiration in some kind of product line to keep the overhead covered.

Brain stormed that thought for too many years…;

Today I am working with glass.  I have saved all of my images of my glass beads in a digital format. Filed them by the month for the last 2-1/2 years. I had thoughts of creating posters, and making two dimensional art with the images.  I played around in photoshop and manipulated photographs. Cropping my people from my beads has been a side job commitment.  Using what I got!


My old Ceramics Instructor developed a technically advanced enamel decal process in the early 2000’s. I was fascinated with the process. I just couldn’t afford it. I held onto the idea and kept collecting imagery from my art. I Finally started The enamel decal tests in Winter 2007/2008.   The process with lampwork glass works! I can now fuse my images to the surface of the glass.

Another wonderful thing, I found my potential product line.  I can sell my images for a reasonable price, and boogie down beads could be done up to its full potential. I think bead makers out there could make some rockin’ bead designs with my decals.

I feel like I found a way to use the images I create in a practical way.  Not much of my art had a practicle purpose before beads, and now decals!   I am super inspired to create them! Glass enamel decals have been used for hundreds of years. It was a secret for a long time in the glass world in Sweeden (1700’s).  The furnace glass workers were fusing decal enamel to the outside of the vases, and sculpture they made. using the enamel images they were able to create very detailed surface imagery that would be a secret glass technique.  I was so inspired to hear what they named this process; “the holy grail!”

I learned that AFTER I figured it out in the flame….; it came to me personally; a holy grail of inspiration.

An oil painting and some clay bead sculptures from ’97

April 26, 2009

Time to share some old art;


The Painting is of a childhod memory of the water Rapids in Michigan’s Upper Pinninsula; 1994 oil on canvas; the photo was taken Spring 2009.


These are Old clay sculptures of gigantic beads. 1997


The left one is hand built oxide fired red and white clay bodies.

The right is wheel thrown high fire vitreous clay with high fire glaze.

photographs were taken Spring 2009 by, me.

Grail part two post at WMC

April 22, 2009


New post about my

discovering the grail!! HERE!

(Want to take part in some

Raw enamel tests? Go here!)

I was a closet Artist, and I will be for the rest of my life.

December 17, 2008
Earth Goddess, Lampwork glass by Sheila Morley

Earth Goddess, Lampwork glass by Sheila Morley

Looking back at my “quietly being an Artist” time period…..

In the 80’s I discovered my passion for creating art. In the 90’s I decided to make it a career choice. In LATE ’97 (After Art college) I realized I needed to purchase health insurance and build a studio. I took the best paying job I could find in 1997. (I knew it would take a while to get established.)  So, by 2004 the studio was done.

All the art from this time period (my 80’s to 2004) is still in my possession today. (Except for the few pieces I sold or gave away.)  Studies, mostly with pencil, some clay, some ink… The drawers and boxes of art are almost ridiculous!  I am not sure why I didn’t give it away, or even try to sell it. To me, they are just studies, I guess. One thing for sure, in the back of my head, I did not think my work was good enough to sell, and I always thought “what if it doesn’t sell? How will I pay the bills?”…it became a worry, (not a productive thing for me to concentrate on). I took a job to pay my bills, and continued creating when ever I could.  I could not be objective about my own art for a very long time. Not until after Art school, really.  It was all personal.  The older I get, the more I realize how other people can relate to my personal experiences. I have seen my work becoming more Universal. I can see it speaking to its audience now. 

I was (and still am) determined on a very passionate level to create art.  I have tampered with copper pipe, ceramics,cement, stained glass, bronze, paper casting…the list goes on.   (Hands down, melting glass is the best. Working with glass you can do all of those techniques. You can do everything with glass; structurally and visually.) If these passionate creations can help support my family, so be it. For now, I think it is great, that at the very least it pays for itself, and puts food onthe table (usually; right now internet sales are WAY down!).

After all that, I just now realized that I am a closet Artist. (And, just imagine how many there must be?)  The creation process is a passion. And I am so excited to celebrate it every single day.

I am going to be a closet Artist forever, for the rest of my life! For today, I am on line here blogging, and trying to do some family fund raising…. in real life, I am out there (after the other job, two kids, a home…), I will always be creating; I will always have a closet art stash. Some of it, maybe only I will see. Until I am gone, and it becomes antique. It would be cool if my work supports my extended family some day. (And it is really cool that I am not starving today; as my Dad says, “We are not taking part in this recession.”)

With that said, I have decided to share some more sketch book study, and some ‘NEVER been seen before in cyber space’ sculptures.

Yup! My old art is coming out of the closet, looking forward to some constructive crtiticism in 2009. 

This next week is all about getting some autocad drawings done of a new lab at Michigan state University, and preparing for holiday events. 

Wish you all a happy holiday season. Peace, joy, Love…

(Oh! and if you are a closet Artist…closet art can make a great Christmas gift!)

(That there Earth Goddess is for sale at the Etsy shop!)

Hippie acid…glass hippie chick…

November 25, 2008

A hippie chick! I LOVE hippie girls. Just be how you are. I see the beauty in that. Some of my friends and family ask about make-up and dress up. And, to be honest I have nothing against it. I even admire girls that can do all of that.

I think about how I feel, more than I think about how I look.

With that said, many people are accusing this of being my self portrait. And, I think everyone assumes it is, maybe? At least the people that know me.

The first hippie chick I made was clay (1996). She is about 14″ tall. Then the rest of her is built to that scale. (she lives here in the garage. When I want to , I can go see what she is up to. (set tasks by her). (She is thinking about it…) I imagine planting Ivy from her head, and letting it grow into her hair. (Yet, another work in progress.)  The clay piece and this glass piece are sitting in the same position. Except the clay girl’s hands are on the ground, and she is playing with beads. (instead of the peace symbol) Oh! And, ironically the beads are as big as her, and even some are bigger than her.  Her passion was stronger than her kind-a thought…

I remember my professor looking at it, and looking at me, and saying, “Well, it’s your self portrait.”

I immediately insisted that it wasn’t. The truth, I just did not realize it while I was doing it. And then it made sense…;Honest. Weird.

This hippie chick is made with glass, and is dipped in acid, which creates a matte finish, and a funny co-wink-ee-dink!


The celebration of Passion ~ an art MOVEMENT ~ join?

March 8, 2008

Today, and even way before today. But, in my life; today…a new movement in art is happening and I want to document my opinion about that.

Yes, we are breaking away from the Post modern times. Where artists borrow from the past, and use those references as meaning in the work they make.

We are still (and in my opinion, always will be) borrowing from the past.  Today, we are celebrating materials, and creating meaning with them. Yes! Organic textures, portraits of people, paintings of flowers, etc… have been around for eons. But today, we create all of those things with glass. That is new. (Glass was more often used for a practical function in the US….; just like ceramics used to be!)

Today we make glass to make art. Not just making glass for the scientist and the chef dishes, and cups. We are making glass to make art. How cool is that?We use beads to make art. BEER cans,horse hair, silver, shark teeth, crystals, paint, clay, (all that traditional stuff) polymer clay,junk,scrap,tires,instruments,wood,shoes,beads make art (not just for stringing anymore….) the list goes on and on and on! Blogging is art; right now you are in art!  WE are obsessed with what we have created in an entirely new way. Art is about art…thinking in the deep…

(have you seen my cyber sisters beads making art/sculpture? you might want to check her stuff out!)

………………See these beads made by me; they are making art :)…………..

sculpturecoppersoul1.jpg sculpturecoppersoul3.jpg sculpturecoppersoul7.jpg

See those traditional ‘praxitilian ‘S’ curves? (I wrote about that before at WMC)

We are obsessed with art, and the materials used to create it. We sit and stair at it, we dream about it. We sometimes create practical forms. We use those forms (beads, masks) to make art. We do not just wear them anymore! yes, we make art WITH art!

(Shoe obsession)                             (Dot obsession)


We are celebrating our passion.

(not enough space on this server for all this stuff!)

So, me, I, this 34 year old girl from Michigan name this movement;

“The celebration of Passion”

And, that is my opinion. and I am sticking with it!

manifesto in the works!

(BTW- You are stuck in this time period, and whether you like it or not, you are passionate about something. Even if it has been done before; you can make it your own.)


And! GO CELEBRATE whatever you are passionate about. And, weather it be drawing, cooking,counting, cutting hair, or managing your life, it is all art. Your passion is your art! THERE is an art for everything.

Art is everything, the way we live….

Celebrating passion…..


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