Odalisque Valentine

January 30, 2010

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Traditional display of a female with her arms raised above her head; named the “Odalisque” by Art historians.  A celebration of Love.

New post at WMC! Some custom work.

March 10, 2009

soft glass Lampwork marble 1-1/4" dia by me.


 All about some custom thoughts!

Go read my new post at WMC!

This here marble is sitting in front of me right now.  I Love red and blue. The colors really make me happy.  And, I need some happy right now. I would normally put this at ebay, but, really? What’s the point? Hits are down, and sales are down, and my advertisement budget is $0.  So, I think I will just keep it here in front of me, until the next show. 

 The sales rep. in me is gone for a while, off in that “real life” world…I am choosing creation time over selling time…for today, and for the next little while.

I really do not know what I am doing? I do know that the next Gallery I am considering selling at shows one of my favorite glass Artist’s work too (HERE! In Michigan!). And, really that would be flattering; to have my work next to his. I’ll keep you posted on that.  After these last few years 70% of my sales were in California, about 8% in Michigan, and the rest all over the world.  So, I am not sure where the art should be (other than California!). I just know that I should be creating it, not spending my time trying to sell it.

So, I’m off in the real world, drawing auto cad drawings this week, and still writing my tutorial/book/tutorial (I can not decide if it is a book or a tutorial?), and I will be creating art at some point! And, my super secret enamel project is almost ready to show…If I didn’t have the other job, it might be done this week….and, so, I will probably stretch it out…So many projects, so little time…

thanks for checking in! ~~~~~;)


Go read that post! at WMC! 









soft glass Lampwork marble 1-1/4″ dia by me.

Glass heart beads; silver and Lapis blue!

January 26, 2008

I put this one on Ebay …

Four Lapis blue hearts sculpted onto a cobalt bead wrapped in siver foil.

These have been VERY well received; I am happy to make so many people happy.

It is that time of year again…20 days until Hallmark makes a million dollars…;)

(I just made that up for fun)


Glass hearts! V-day gift!! One of a kind, with silver

January 19, 2008

These are one of a kind glass focal beads.  Each one is hand made one at a time.

 Made especially for Valentines day.

 Click here for the auctions >>>>at Ebay

Dichroic glass with an “Odalisque” Goddess…one of a kind

January 8, 2008

 Dichroic light with a red Goddess on a transparent cobalt blue.

  This bead is sold.

Dichroic glass is metal fused to a piece of glass. I took that and fused it to the bead in the flame, before I sculpted the Odalisque figure on there. The metalic background is magical. LOVE it.

A Goddess…

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