No torch time…just reflecting

May 26, 2010

New and Old Glass art for sale…by WHO?

March 11, 2008
NEW! Glass ART~WHO is selling my work? besides me?
SOMEBODY is re-selling my beads on Ebay. Check it out here…beads from Last year! (totally great asking price too!)
Here are a couple from me…
Space bead…click here…

Meditation Goddess…click here

Remember! There is no reserve.
have a good one!

She Loves me, she loves me not…in GLASS

February 4, 2008

 This one is about the unknown….

Made with Soft glass, welded in the flame. Petal murrini made by me.  On ebay today!

Glass heart beads; silver and Lapis blue!

January 26, 2008

I put this one on Ebay …

Four Lapis blue hearts sculpted onto a cobalt bead wrapped in siver foil.

These have been VERY well received; I am happy to make so many people happy.

It is that time of year again…20 days until Hallmark makes a million dollars…;)

(I just made that up for fun)


Glass Latticino landscape

January 19, 2008

Made with glass. So, I took strings that were 12″ long and  like, 2mm+- thick, and welded them together. (Yes, glass is silica and metal; we weld)…I then melted all of the colors, centered the glass (like in pottery) and then…MASHED IT! Violla!

I had two canvases to weld these little stick style-ish people on!

A Goddess, three souls; Painterly, pleasent thoughts….

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