Glass show – Winter Wonders November 5,2011

October 24, 2011

Every year the Southeast, Michigan glass bead makers guild  puts on a great show in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  A Holiday show with Art, beads, jewelry, and more! All made with glass.

Come have some Holiday snacks,  and watch some Live glass Lampworking demonstrations.

Located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan at the Birmingham Unitarian Church:

38651 Woodward Avenue, Bloomfield Hills, MI

(248) 647-2380
PRINT OUT THIS SHOW FLYER!!    See you there!

Sculptural Glass re-visited, PHISH, Glass for the holiday’s!

November 21, 2009

New Article at WMC about the skills and some challenges with them.

So excited to tell what I am up to. A gazillion things actually; Writing, working, teaching, working more, thinking, creating, being a Mom…. Seeing Phish play at Cobo Arena in Detroit.

It was a great show. Big difference from the small bar, St Andrews hall they played in, in ’92… not sure how many can fit in there?10,500 people at Cobo! It was awesome. They played, “bounce around the room”, and I remember the trampolines they used to jump on. We were so young.

To top that night off, my Big brother bought myself, and my husband tickets to the show!!! AND!! I got to meet my brothers girlfriend, Melissa. She is beautiful & kind; and I am really excited for them!! (And for me, cuz i get a new cool friend :D)

So many things going on…….

decals, beads, tutorials,  Winter show at the Dearborn Academy!!!!!!

“Holiday Glass Art & Ornament Extravaganza” from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, December 5, and from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, December 6, 2009

More to follow…..after a much needed good night sleep…….

My “Art for the sake of Art” became a whole new piece of Art!! And! Some Art bead shows!!

September 25, 2009

So fun to see what people make with my beads.  The bead inspires an idea, and to see people finish that off is so super cool to me.

 I was excited to see that one of my faces was named by another Artist.  “Wanda” is at Fitzherbert’s shop at Etsy.  She gets to hang with some jasper beads in a beautiful neck piece. I am honored to have created her.

She was sculpted a couple years ago in the flame, and sold at my Etsy shop. FOR the sake of Art! She became a finished piece.


Saturday, October 10 in Grand Rapids, Mi 

Oct 11, 2009 Southfield, Mi. Bead Bonanza 

I will be at both shows!! Come say, HI!!


High tech. Enamel decals DUDE!

June 23, 2009

A photo of a one of a kind, can totally make an entirely different one of a kind……………..

Fire Goddess image from a bead-digital decal fused

Fire Goddess image from a glass bead made in 08 digital decal fused

SheiaMorley 062109 045
"peace, still a good idea" favorite quote from a pin)

"peace, still a good idea" favorite quote from a pin)

Look what I got! Thank you, Ms. Booger! LOOK WHAT I MADE!

March 29, 2009


sherylboogermoonwebI organized my first event for the guild (GLASSACT). 

Sheryll Hubbard-Anspach and Jim Anspach (that link there is a nice interview); They came out for a demonstration before the bead bonanza (big bead show in Metro Detroit area every Spring, and every Fall) .

One of the GLASSACT goals is to learn, and support other Artist’s that teach; and make education less expensive for our members. Keep the flow flowin’! So, we invited Ms. Booger out for a demo!

Sheryll (Ms. Booger) did a great demonstration on her Mask beads.  She made a bug too!  And then! To top it off we got Jim (Mr. Booger) to make us a flame bead, and a beautiful rose.  (that was a bonus!) So much patience to make those flames!

Just as I went to leave Sheryll gave me this crescent moon face bead. I really love it. The blue is gorgeous, and those fluffy cheaks are so pinchable!

As soon as I got home, I was so inspired to get to my torch. I had to make a Comedy mask. The skills Sheryll shared were kind of a new perspective, and I really wanted to try it out. 







sheiamorley-inspired-by-sheryl-boogerCobalt and silver. A favorite combination of many glass flame workers. The fuming is beautiful.

I was happy with my first approach.  I can see where I want to add more detail as I go. These techniques are so imediate, and require very little tooling. I was really amazed that she could wait for the glass to land right where it needs to be. Slowly sculpting the form by adding the glass one step at a time.



Right now I am working a lot of hours for the science schools and hospitals that need shop drawings of the future labs, and classrooms. BAM! Is that off subject? Not really. It turns out many of these mad scientists are making glass on a regular basis.  Some of them are even running the departments! lol!

It is a small world after all.


A glimpse of those boogie down beads!

March 24, 2009


 A link to my new post at WMC is here! …

“People celebrating is the highest art of them all.  Not only do they look beautiful, they feel beautiful. It is like a double art.”   That is what I say!

websheiamorley-031009-076I started making boogie down beads in 2006. I am re-visiting those ideas. I never really thought it was done. Ever. Just a bunch of sketches at my bead Artist’ Gallery.


The possibilities seam endless….all in time…

(More about these images coming ‘atcha real soon!)

One of a kind glass art beads and supplies for how much?

February 14, 2009

Um, when then Husband can’t work, and the cost of living gets way HIGH, we Artist’s gotta do what we gotta do.

So, BIG SALE! A sale with not a whole lot of advertising (yet)…

the entire Etsy shop,
My website
are on SALE!!!! HUGE!!!!
change-able pendants
a murrini floral implosion Marble

a few pictures for you!


soft glass murrini mandrel implosion by Sheila Molrey

soft glass murrini mandrel implosion by Sheila MolreyLampwork glass murrine bead by Sheila MorleyGoddess and energy


Goddess and energy
Goddess and energy

And more in the shops! 

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