Demonstrating Flame worked glass at Ariana Gallery

September 1, 2010

See the flame?

Ever wonder what “lampworking” was? No, it is not making lamps? It is melting glass in a flame, and making cool art with it. You can weld it, sculpt it, paint with it; the sky is the limit. Come check it out at Ariana Gallery during glass month in April! (11 mile and Main street in downtown Royal Oak,MI)

Imagine the inspiration; making art in a Fine Art Gallery.

<—-studio shot; working on some borosilicate hollow forms.

The weekend of art helps me keep keepin on…Thank you!!

April 28, 2010

An amazing weekend just passed.  All about glass art . Dali made art with glass (didn’t even know that existed) (at the Berkowitz Gallery at Dearborn U of M), I saw  Josh Simpson’s hugest soft glass planet marble (at the habbitat gallery). I think it was 12″ round.  Paul Stankard‘s magical crystal clear LARGE (paper weight-ish, but way bigger than a paper weight)  Roots with root peopleunderground,  evolving into flowers, with gold orbs! AMAZING! (at the habbitat gallery)  Lucio Bubacco’s devil sculptures (at Ariana Gallery), always interest me.  I saw a gazillion pieces of glass art all made using every possible art technique that I think exists. Carving, sculpting, painting, drawn; you can pretty much do it all with glass.

By far the most memorable moment was meeting Paul Stankard, and watching him demonstrate building a flower in a flame.  Even more exciting was when he held my hands and talked me through traditional Italian figure sculpting.  When I returned home, and to the torch, I actually pulled off the best Italian style figure I have ever sculpted.

By far, on top of all of that, I was flattered beyond my wildest imagine when Paul Stankard purchased the bead I was wearing.  He was impressed with my work, and he believes I will go places.  That means a lot to me.  There are plenty of times I want to give up, or I am just down right exhausted from spending 40-50 hours a week on my day job, and trying to develop more control with the medium on my time.  The Art monster within can not be free.  I have to make time for it, and remember what I do.  If I let it go, I am not happy.   And, to keep up with it, I have to work lots of overtime.

So, this past weekend made me realise that, this is how it is. We work ourselves hard, and hope to support ourselves doing what we love someday.   Paul didn’t start out selling thousand dollar sculptures. He earned it.  He had some very good suggestions for me.  I can tell he has “been there” before. He brings a lot of experience to the table.  After a couple of words, it seamed he knew right where I was at.  That’s experience.

 Ariana Gallery celebratedGlass month this past weekend; featuring many glass Artist’s, and glass bead makers. Glassact (bead makers guild) was putting on Demonstrations all weekend. My work is available at Ariana Gallery for purchase. (The Gallery owner, and her helper were wearing my beads on Saturday; another flattering moment for me. Thank you ladies!)

I have a new torch. “the little torch”; imagine what I could make with that? (And my favorite beer; bass ale (inspired by a  Toulouse lautrec paining)

hope you enjoyed my story. Next week; off to Epipheny glass (10 min. from home 🙂 only open 2 times a year.

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