A frog burnt his tongue licking the sun!! in glass!!

March 6, 2008
I absolutley LOVE this girls work!!The frog burnt his tongue!
Go read this and look at the frog!! (with the burnt tongue!) My cyber sister made this!!!!!too awesome!

(yup! glass!)

Art Glass Show in Dearborn Michigan NOV.23,24,25

November 22, 2007

 Melting glass demonstrations, Furnace glass, lampworked/flame worked glass,

ARTIST’S ~Sculpture, beads, metal, clay, glass…

The glass academy is located at
25331 Trowbridge
Dearborn, MI 48124
(313) 561-GLAS (4527)

I will be there with Sculptural beads!!

And! with Angilinabeadalina’s beads, that are sculptures too! 😉

Come! see art! And! See it being made!

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