Planning the journey

January 15, 2012

2012 is going to be a busy good year.  If it goes as I imagine, it would be something like this-

Experience my kids grow (boys-8 and 11), Work with my family business, Make Custom order glass keepsakes for Customers, Make art for the sake of Art!  Update my blog and website (or, get someone else to), Visit the Furnace Glass work at April Wagner’s studio, visit the Dearborn Glass Academy’s Events, make  some production beads, attend the  GAS Conference in Toledo, Ohio,  prepare for 3 juried art competitions, Maybe buy a new home and a new studio? (depending on how the “this economy” treats me), get Oxygen delivered regularly, spend 2 days with JC Herrell in a big glass room, work with some New Gallery’s, and start another business.

Now, to figure out how to make it all happen. This next couple weeks is about figuring out the best way to pull all of this off.  Time to draw up a plan!

A selection of my beads can be purchased at my Etsy shop.

Want something custom? Visit my on line Gallery, and contact me!

50% off decals!!   Glass Artist’s can put decals in, on, and around glass, fuse or flame on! (1350 F) On sale at my website  until March 8, 2012!  Then, the decal Biz is going places! (More on that later.)

Happy 2012! Thank you for checking in!

10 years!!

December 19, 2010


This year had a lot of  “10’s” in it for me. Married 10 years. My son will turn 10 next  month, and it is 2010. Who would have thought that year would ever be here. It all seems like a blink of an eye.

Glassact, the Southeast, Michigan glass bead makers guild just celebrated 10 years of being together (2000-2010).  This is Southeast Michigan’s local chapter of the ISGB (International society of glass bead makers).  Having been a member the last half of it, I have to say I am pretty thankful for these people.

Glassact has served as a very strong support system for me.  Having the meetings with the other Artist’s is inspirational. Getting feedback on my work, learning cool tips, and techniques.   Without the volunteers that run our organization, we would not survive. 

To show my gratitude, I was able to use the enamel decal process to make beads with the Guilds original Logo and text.  At our 10 year celebration party (at the Whitney) in Detroit I gifted these 25 beads to some of the Guild members. I wanted to make enough for everyone, but time caught up to me.


The Party was awesome.  I won a $25.00 gift certificate to Frantz art glass. We all received a 1/4 lb of glass rods, magazines from the Flow,Glassline,Proffitable glass quarterly, a super cool tool from the class mates in Kristina Logan’s class. The awesome, perfect point to drag and pull glass with.

All of the board members got a bead from Cindi Brunell. Cindi took Kristina’s class, and gave several of the beads she made, while perfecting the techniques, to guild members. (Mine is pink and purple flower-esque design. Okay, I’ll get some pictures up one of these days.)

We had two CGBeadrollers donated as gifts in a raffle.  These tools open the door of possibility with glass. I am really excited to see what we do with them at flame off events. 

Every member got decals with instructions from me. And, of course I included a Glassact logo in each one. 

10 years. Imagine what we can do in 10 more? I look forward to it.

Story about some marbles and a bead

May 6, 2010

My last post at wmc continues this week…

Part 1

Part 2

Hey friends! RemeMber Colin May?  I made his little brother some marbles, and a bead. Wrote a story about it at WMC.  The whole thing is inspired by a gift I received from Colin’s little brother, Judah (in 1992).   A rock with an eye painted on it.  I was comforted to know it was there. Just to know that Colin’s little brother made that gesture; to send a message that maybe he is keeping an eye on me…It is hard to explain.  At the time of loosing my boyfriend; finding the feeling of security was difficult. That rock brought me peace of mind, and it ment a lot to me. Especially at that time…and really I am still comforted by the eye on the rock. When I see other eye designs, I always find myself recalling that rock.

So, I made up some eye murrini (You can see pictures at Part 1), and combined with some colorful explosions. Enjoy!

The weekend of art helps me keep keepin on…Thank you!!

April 28, 2010

An amazing weekend just passed.  All about glass art . Dali made art with glass (didn’t even know that existed) (at the Berkowitz Gallery at Dearborn U of M), I saw  Josh Simpson’s hugest soft glass planet marble (at the habbitat gallery). I think it was 12″ round.  Paul Stankard‘s magical crystal clear LARGE (paper weight-ish, but way bigger than a paper weight)  Roots with root peopleunderground,  evolving into flowers, with gold orbs! AMAZING! (at the habbitat gallery)  Lucio Bubacco’s devil sculptures (at Ariana Gallery), always interest me.  I saw a gazillion pieces of glass art all made using every possible art technique that I think exists. Carving, sculpting, painting, drawn; you can pretty much do it all with glass.

By far the most memorable moment was meeting Paul Stankard, and watching him demonstrate building a flower in a flame.  Even more exciting was when he held my hands and talked me through traditional Italian figure sculpting.  When I returned home, and to the torch, I actually pulled off the best Italian style figure I have ever sculpted.

By far, on top of all of that, I was flattered beyond my wildest imagine when Paul Stankard purchased the bead I was wearing.  He was impressed with my work, and he believes I will go places.  That means a lot to me.  There are plenty of times I want to give up, or I am just down right exhausted from spending 40-50 hours a week on my day job, and trying to develop more control with the medium on my time.  The Art monster within can not be free.  I have to make time for it, and remember what I do.  If I let it go, I am not happy.   And, to keep up with it, I have to work lots of overtime.

So, this past weekend made me realise that, this is how it is. We work ourselves hard, and hope to support ourselves doing what we love someday.   Paul didn’t start out selling thousand dollar sculptures. He earned it.  He had some very good suggestions for me.  I can tell he has “been there” before. He brings a lot of experience to the table.  After a couple of words, it seamed he knew right where I was at.  That’s experience.

 Ariana Gallery celebratedGlass month this past weekend; featuring many glass Artist’s, and glass bead makers. Glassact (bead makers guild) was putting on Demonstrations all weekend. My work is available at Ariana Gallery for purchase. (The Gallery owner, and her helper were wearing my beads on Saturday; another flattering moment for me. Thank you ladies!)

I have a new torch. “the little torch”; imagine what I could make with that? (And my favorite beer; bass ale (inspired by a  Toulouse lautrec paining)

hope you enjoyed my story. Next week; off to Epipheny glass (10 min. from home 🙂 only open 2 times a year.

Perspective ~ Glass ~ Computer

February 11, 2010

Trouble in paradise folks. Working on the computer has become as boring as waiting in line.

It’s alright. I have managed to get a few things done. I am getting ready for the upcoming bead bonanza in Southfield, Michigan. I am cutting up decals for bead sets (Yes! Production work. Me!?) Must keep working, so that I can thrive in this life, and help create a foundation for the little people in my life.  These are challenging times. I will not be taken down by a recession!!

Time to go pick out a new computer.

Perspective… Focusing on positive perspective….

(That glass focal bead is for sale here)

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