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November 23, 2008
soft glass murrini work in progress by Sheila Morley
soft glass murrini work in progress by Sheila Morley

Narcacissm; sometimes referred to as self Love, sometimes self infatuation. Ironically most narcassist’s probably do not have a whole lot of self confidence. They just can not stop assuming their opinion is what everybody else should have. And, if they do not. Then they are just not right.

With that in mind!
Marbles traditionally have two sides. Right now I am interested in the marble having a minimum of four views, hopefully six, or eight. This BIG marble I started working on a couple months ago started like this.
Each murrini… (the little walking man, or a bug (if you are my husband; he insist’s they are bugs.)  I just know they came out good enough to practice these new techniques I am developing. They are all derived by my past instructors.)  The murrini was set into a blob of super HOT peeled vetrofond clear glass, and then annealed.  All four pieces were placed together in another torch session, and shaped into a marble.   The point is, as you turn the marble, you see the person standing above ts own reflection. Over and over. Four times in this one.
The cobalt blue references a water reflection.
It is an illustration of something that is going on around me. Referencing the vicious cycle we put ourselves through, the choices made that just are the same thing over and over? Why are you hitting yourself?
Why did you hit yourself again? and again? and again?
Some things just DO NOT make sense.
So~For the sake of art….(my art is GREATLY a result of the world around me. I was supposed to be an emotionalist for some reason?? If that even is a thing?)
This one went back in the kiln, and the flame to become punty free, and decorated with an organic texture of color…(not photographed yet!)
2" soft glass Narcacissm marble by Sheila Morley

Marble by Sheila Morley 2008

 "Narcacissm" by Sheila Morley 2008

I’ll post the pictures of the actual finished piece in the next week.

Lily petals inspire art. Glass Marble implosions!

August 8, 2008




This is one of our many lilies that we grow.  We have hundreds. This flower is named “Lillium Roths Hornii” , some call these Black heart” (because the center is black).

Lily seeds take three years to go from Lily seed, to bulb-bet to FULL BLOWN BIG BULB WITH A BLOOM. Or two!

This is our most proud seedling! The seeds were collected years ago from the North American lily society bead exchange. (My husband and I joined the society when we got into gardening.)

Check out the texture of the petals!! This is why I am showing it here. You do not see this often. All lily petals look different. (From plant to plant) The petals from all the different lilies we grow are what inspired me to make lily petal murrinies. (You can see more of those at my eBay auctions, or in my shop at Etsy.)

lily flowers smell strong too. Just this one flower in my office creates a wonderful aroma.

That wet looking ‘black star’ area just looks like that. It is dry of water. 

The pollen makes a great paint medium from a lily. This lily has a burnt Seana color, and the pollen flakes into a dry compound material.  We have lilies with orange, yellow ochre and brown pollen.  If paint was not so easily accessible, I would be mixing my own from Lily pollen. (If I was still painting like I used to. Which, I have been thinking of getting back into painting with paint, and wax.)

 Drawing inspiration from these flowers really is effortless. So many color combinations. So many different directions the petals can lay.

When I create with the lily petals I do not necessarily try to make an exact replica of the actual flower. In my eyes that is being done just Fine by MANY Artists. I am exploring a definite floral reference, with a bit of abstraction going on. In this marble picture here, the petals are in groups of 4, and you would never see one lily bloom with two different petals; or even eight petals. Nope! Six petals is the standard.

Instead of stamen and pollen, we have Italian millefiori imploded (exploded) into the center. 

Celebrating inspiration!

(More murrini inspiration will be shared here in the near future. LARGE murrinies I am making, along with the murrini I have been trading! Wait until you see the Borosilicate glass murrini I got! Little glass slices of art!)


Schott cryatal paper weight with PEOPLE murrini

June 23, 2008

Those one of a kind running man murrini, and people murrini made into a paper weight I am really happy with.

Encased, and imploded murrini.  I learned borosilicate implosion work in August 2006. I have been practicing ever since. In September 2006, I studied with Loren stump, learning how to use Schott crystal. (Schott crystal is the OPPOSITE of borosilicat. Borosilicate is a hard glass. Schott is a VERY soft glass. (like soft rock, and hard rock; same thing.) The technique of imploding can be accomplished a number of different ways. 

First off. What is “imploding”. You actually get the (in this case murrini) murrini, or dots, that you apply to the glass to look like they are sucked up through the center, and explode into the center of a ball of clear glass. Sometimes you can see the trails of the image (like here) called an “implosion.”   I am sure you have seen it before. You may not of known what it was.

(FYI-One of the most fascinating parts about the technique (to me) is that you can get the same results doing the exact opposite. Yes, my first instructor taught me a technique, and the 2nd instructor taught me the exact opposite technique, and I got the exact same results.  Interesting. And! both instructors did not think it could be done with super soft glass.)

So, I had to try imploding with the super soft glass.  Why? Because this (schott crystal super soft glass)  is believed to be the cleanest, clearest, (expensive), consistent batch, CLEAR glass in the world.  I also enjoy the colors I get in my murrini with the soft glass. (soft and hard glass are not compatible)

This is one of my new paper weights. (For sale at my etsy shop)

peopel paper weight

The schott crystal is the cleanest clear soft glass on the market. I have a very strong interest in clean clear encasement’s.  I really enjoy the schott. I see myself using a lot of it in the future.

Have a beautiful crystal clear day!

 “Sketch book study part 2 from 1994” blog will not be available for another week. (SORRY! I know I said this week…) You can go to my old blog at Myspace and see Sketch book study part 1 from 1994…Click!


Figurative SOFT GLASS murrini

May 28, 2008

This is two different murrinies I made recently. I thought it would be interesting to see the end of the pull. I make the murrini LARGE (2″ DIA+-), heat it up, and pull it down…to what you see here.

I have made many beads and marbles, I have not taken pictures of too many… here is one made with the ‘running man’ murrini. The reminder that I am always in a hurry, go , go, go! (inspired by my first people bead, from Feb. 2006) sometimes I need to slow it down a bit…


32 call “murrini marble with a cute dimple” a favorite!

May 14, 2008

At my etsy shop….<<<<—–click there…

hope your day is as rewarding as mine! This marble took a LOT of practice. And to know that 32 people like to see it…; makes my day. I guess you could say that this self absorbed Artist type chick, is on a life long journey with art.

this is a stage of the progress that should be celebrated. (and it is on sale in the shop for a very reasonable price)

Custom one of a kind petal murrini imploded into peeled clear Vetrofond glass.


Intricate Glass murrini beads, pendants, demonstration…

January 29, 2008

Frequently asked question:

Murrini? What is that? A slice of a millefiori.  You can see a demo by, Chris and Lissa Juedemann here. 

I am “Michigan murrini maker”. What does that mean? I live in Michigan, and I make murrini, and I like the way that sounds.

I have been imploding my soft glass 104 murrini into schott crystal for about a year now…FINALLY, I have some to show. And soon! VERY SOON! (I hope) I will be entering the pendant, marble, and paper weight markets with schott glass, imploded, custom made (by me) murrini. With that said, it is my job to educate you on what this stuff is.

The schott crystal, is the finest CLEAR (crystal clear!) soft glass available today (lead free!)  It has magnification capabilities that are similar to borosilicate glass. The difference? It melts at a MUCH lower temperature, and it polishes up on a flat lap, way, WAY faster than borosilicate (pyrex) too. (I still Love borosilicate glass; don’t get me wrong!) (You can encase paperweight pieces with schott crystal; I do not think you can do that at all with borosilicate? I will get into that later…some other day.)

If you have been watching my work over the last year. You have seen my “murrini petals”.   I just recently, did my first murrini demonstration for the “Glassact”; The South east Michigan bead makers guild. In the demonstration, I took some murrini petals, that were still in the “rod” form (not cut into chips yet)…they looked something like this;

Then I put those together to make 1/2 of one butterfly wing.

(to make the entire butterfly would take me 3 or 5 hours….)

The end result looked something like this (everybody there got to take some home. I think somewhere between 10 to 20 people were there…)

That demonstration was an awesome experience! It was VERY well received by the audiance…and I went home feeling VERY good. (BIG! Thanks to all that were there!)

Aside from making the murrini, I have been making all kinds of beads, marbles, and paper weights with them.

This is a pendant I gave my Mom for Christmas. It is my first real success with the imploding, from last Fall.

This is one of my practice marbles that my neighbor REALLY LIKES!!

I am currently writing a magazine Article on the petal making process. I will be sure and show you some of the pictures from the process; in the near future.   If you are interested in more…drop me an email.  Visit my Web page to see more murrini beads.

(this  is a copy of my myspace blog, cuz I thought maybe people over here would enjoy it! peace!)

Glass Lampwork Murrini focal bead

August 28, 2007

  This is a transparent cobalt bead with petal murrini and buttterfly murrini.


The bead was built in the flame, annealed, and then was put onto a flat lap to bring out the detail in the murrini. On the surface the colors melted a little bit too much. The diamond disc took that off, and revealed the detail beneath.

The bead is washed well, and flame polished for a nice finish.


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