Glasses made by me are for sale on Line at Two places!!

December 13, 2021

This past Month I dedicated some time to listing these art glasses I made For sale on the internet.

My Website

My Etsy page

The Glasses have hearts and bolts in the bottom! Art from My heart! Things I care about, my friends care about, so many people Love. That’s what the inspiration is.

Uh oh! Getting personal!!

-It was a risk, and an investment to dive into the Hot shop to create Glasses. I have always wanted to do that. The risk with the costs of Studio rental discouraged me. Not Everyday an Artist commits to renting a studio for a product line. Much better to have your own space, if you can. Glass blowing studios ar also pretty up there….

Risk #2!! I am really not the type of Artist that creates the same thing over and over. (and now I learned I CAN!) Life is ever changing. My art is about whats going on with me. Sometimes I call it “selfish” but really it drives me to be free in my creating.

My emotions are so big in me, and they are screaming to express something. The art gives me a place to allow it to pass though. In real life, I HAVE TO do so many things. SO, with that said, my creations have not always landed in the practical catagory. “Set od 4”, or Everything is *matching*…or everything has purpose…. My creations are theraputic. Which also makes them “Luxury items”

We all know Big stores with all kinds of China art………………. Sigh.

This creating thing is my best friend. (No offense to my Guitar of 34 years!) As I dove into expressing myself with glasses, I got much closer to where I am headed. My goal is to get up each day and think, and FEEL, “I am really enjoying the Ride”

BIG Thank you to my Friends for believing in me, and asking me to Dive into the Glasses! It took me places I could not imagine.

Thank you for the encouragement over the years to my Followers, My friends, My family. Bless you all!

All the work is 25% OFF!!! Happy Holiday’s!

Green and Purple and Bolts! At the Website

SYF Pint Glass At the Website

Skull Mug at the Etsy shop

Grateful Dead Wine glasses created Grateful Abundance in 2021. at the Etsy shop

Looks like the future is Landscapes…Painting landscape with glass strings. Peaceful bliss. Available by special request. Contact

I am very Grateful for the opportunity to show my art on the internet. I am pretty certain that I would not be where I am without the abundance from this experience. Thank you to Everybody!! May your days be Amazing!

Handmade Grateful Dead Glasses

October 14, 2021

Glasses are going up on the website for sale.

Message me at if you are looking for something you recently saw in the lot. I am always making glasses, and note, I AM A ONE WOMAN SHOW!! It is’nt always easy to find time for listing things for sale on the internet. You can follow me on instagram @sheilamorley (click that link…) for updated work, reels, and stories about the glass.

Thank you very much for being part of my journey, and supporting my passion for art. It is my hope that my art can brighten your spirit, and cary with it an abundant, kind, energy that domioes into the universe! May your cups be full!

Up to date websites:

December 8, 2020

Art for purchase here-

Art at Etsy

Decals ON sale today at Etsy (I discovered a way to put High resolution imagery in and on my glass. I made a catalog of imagery for other Artist’s to be inspired!

I celebrate an antique and vintage jewelry collection at Leigh’s Legacy on Etsy!

I sell CBD’s too! enter SHEILA10 and get 10% off!!

Glass Art Cylinder with artistic image Collaboration Sheila and Ron Morley -Is it art, a glass, or a vase? You decide. available at Etsy

I had a day dream that I was blogging again. It has been years. I am so grateful for all the people that used to read, and share. I would like to do it again someday. One thing I have learned in the last several years, is that art can not be made in stolen moments. Hopefully the demands of life will allow for some free time soon.

Thank you!

Cool experience….some pictures to share

April 9, 2015

Sometimes it takes a team to complete an art project.   You can see the imagery in glass pieces we made at the New Website

WebsiteSheilaMorley020315 071

Marc Vandenberg and Rebecca Silverman checking out the transparency of the paper weight..

WebsiteSheilaMorley020315 076

A Torch in a Hot shop!! Thank the Power of the Muse and Marc!

SheilaMorley020315 089

Fall 2013

WebsiteSheilaMorley020315 067

Why we are here

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