March 5, 2012

I do not recall how long I have been imagining this piece.  Took me a long time to actually create it.  There had to be a perfect scale between the implosion (white burst of energy) and the figure. And the arms had to be in the perfect place.. . as she releases a magical energy…for the sake of Art, and imagination…

To feel free, beautiful, and have powerful goodness….If you could create an image of the moment an epiphany takes place, this is one of them.

After several years of imagining this one, and a few prototypes here and there.  Being the Creator, I have to say, the completion of this project was a magical moment. Like Serendipity to me.

Many of those implosions made into beads are for sale, 50% off retail price all through April at the Etsy shop.  I call them “explosions”, enjoy!

Glass, Flame work 2-1/4″ tall

Odalisque Valentine

January 30, 2010

For Sale here

Traditional display of a female with her arms raised above her head; named the “Odalisque” by Art historians.  A celebration of Love.

The red carpet inspiration in glass…

April 3, 2009


The name of this bead is, ‘The red carpet’. (sold)

(see pictures here at my on line gallery;

Inspired by the Goddesses of today’s celebrity world.  

What’s up with me? Work.  April and May are “work hard” months! Many Science labs, and classrooms to perfect!  Summer time construction is right around the corner.  Many projects to attend to out there. Looks like my time is scheduled.

Glass is an ongoing part of life. Inbetween work, and kids, and family life.  The challenge; how do I get the Lab design part of my life, and my passion to create art to get together and be?

Any suggestions? I’m open.

This Lampwork glass bead was inspired by the thought of Jennifer Aniston at the Oscars this year (2009). Of-course, I missed her introduction, and for what ever reason, I can not track the clip down?  I admire her character a lot. She plays parts that remind me of my life. I feel I can relate.  If I could choose an Actress to have lunch with; I think it would be her. And, I am not really sure why? Cuz, I only know her by the parts she acts…so, it is really imaginary; isn’t it? I do not ttrust the media.

So, inspired by her “class”; I made this. A soul gesture of a Contemporary Goddess.

I was a closet Artist, and I will be for the rest of my life.

December 17, 2008
Earth Goddess, Lampwork glass by Sheila Morley

Earth Goddess, Lampwork glass by Sheila Morley

Looking back at my “quietly being an Artist” time period…..

In the 80’s I discovered my passion for creating art. In the 90’s I decided to make it a career choice. In LATE ’97 (After Art college) I realized I needed to purchase health insurance and build a studio. I took the best paying job I could find in 1997. (I knew it would take a while to get established.)  So, by 2004 the studio was done.

All the art from this time period (my 80’s to 2004) is still in my possession today. (Except for the few pieces I sold or gave away.)  Studies, mostly with pencil, some clay, some ink… The drawers and boxes of art are almost ridiculous!  I am not sure why I didn’t give it away, or even try to sell it. To me, they are just studies, I guess. One thing for sure, in the back of my head, I did not think my work was good enough to sell, and I always thought “what if it doesn’t sell? How will I pay the bills?”…it became a worry, (not a productive thing for me to concentrate on). I took a job to pay my bills, and continued creating when ever I could.  I could not be objective about my own art for a very long time. Not until after Art school, really.  It was all personal.  The older I get, the more I realize how other people can relate to my personal experiences. I have seen my work becoming more Universal. I can see it speaking to its audience now. 

I was (and still am) determined on a very passionate level to create art.  I have tampered with copper pipe, ceramics,cement, stained glass, bronze, paper casting…the list goes on.   (Hands down, melting glass is the best. Working with glass you can do all of those techniques. You can do everything with glass; structurally and visually.) If these passionate creations can help support my family, so be it. For now, I think it is great, that at the very least it pays for itself, and puts food onthe table (usually; right now internet sales are WAY down!).

After all that, I just now realized that I am a closet Artist. (And, just imagine how many there must be?)  The creation process is a passion. And I am so excited to celebrate it every single day.

I am going to be a closet Artist forever, for the rest of my life! For today, I am on line here blogging, and trying to do some family fund raising…. in real life, I am out there (after the other job, two kids, a home…), I will always be creating; I will always have a closet art stash. Some of it, maybe only I will see. Until I am gone, and it becomes antique. It would be cool if my work supports my extended family some day. (And it is really cool that I am not starving today; as my Dad says, “We are not taking part in this recession.”)

With that said, I have decided to share some more sketch book study, and some ‘NEVER been seen before in cyber space’ sculptures.

Yup! My old art is coming out of the closet, looking forward to some constructive crtiticism in 2009. 

This next week is all about getting some autocad drawings done of a new lab at Michigan state University, and preparing for holiday events. 

Wish you all a happy holiday season. Peace, joy, Love…

(Oh! and if you are a closet Artist…closet art can make a great Christmas gift!)

(That there Earth Goddess is for sale at the Etsy shop!)

The flow! The artistic flow!! Free advertisement!

October 1, 2008

Representing myself, I am very much aware of all of the hard work we can put into advertisement.  I have spent countless hours of creating literature, adds, cards…etc…And the cost of it! Absolutley in the expensive catagory.

Today, as I flip through one of my favorite magazines I stumble upon THIS PICTURE in a The flow magazine.   This picture was published in the flow magazine’s third annual Women in glass issue. And, today, this fall, this bead is in the add for the advertisement for the fourth annual Women in glass issue.

(Just a very feel good moment. The cost of it is free, and I feel like a celebrity. For just a moment…)

Time to get ready for the fourth issue.

(This bead is one of my Rock the earth beads. Sold to a west coaster)

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