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January 31, 2023

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Angels bring on a sense of comfort. A feel good feeling. A feeling of hope without having to take action.

I have been making Angel’s for many years. This bead was made over 10 years ago. This was in a collection that somehow made its way back to me. Maybe just in time to help us through these trying times.

As the cost of life continues to go up, it is hard to imagine how things will shake out.

Everything is always working out for me.

Thank you for the continued patronage! I am grateful. Bless you with white light.

New blank white canvas website !!

March 23, 2015

Music sure can sooth my soul. I am so super Lucky!! I got tickets to see the Grateful Dead in Chicago. The “Fare the well” shows!! Stoked!!! The Dead have given me some free art to work with in the near future too. Pretty sweet!

Check out these tribute pendants at the New Website !! I’m collaborating with all these talented old school Dead heads!! Love it!

Note-I decided that since I’m a One Woman show, and cant make up my mind about anything….seriously overloaded with decisions these days….I’m just going to open the website and roll with it. YUP! BLANK white canvas. Imagine what I could do with that? LOL

Always a work in progress!!

SheilaMorley020315 152insta

Image by Ronald Morley Words from “Comes a time” Grateful Dead

WORDS! Etsy, Facebook, loosing my marbles soon!! And!!!! Help is on the way!

November 17, 2014

Some glass is listed for sale at the temporary Etsy shop.

Soul Gesture Moon Goddess

Soul Gesture               Moon Goddess

Stop by Sheila Morley’s Glass Art on Facebook. .

implosion pendants

New!! New!! New!! Been working on my “Concert series” of Marbles.  A new technique!! I figured it out all by myself over several years! (BAM! that’s my reward, I get to say that. lol)  I’m using those decals I sell.  A tribute to the Grateful Dead, my favorite band.  Totally stoked to collaborate with several different Artist’s on this!!!!  Here is a peak.

inspiration- May 1982, Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA by Joel Eisenberg

Collaboration- pictures May 1982, Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA by Joel Eisenberg, Ron Morley Eye art, Sheila Morley Soul gestures, bear google art 😉

Thank the Angel's for sending me her!

Thank the Angel’s for sending me her!

THIS is So RAD!! 😉

This is my New part time Assistant! I am learning I can not do it all as fast as I need it done. I  am so stoked to have Alison on board. An amazing Women that can move Mountains! Truly Grateful for her. And she likes to dance! We have fun.

Alison also sells my glass beads and functional work at her glass Gallery in Waterford, Mi., ‘The Jellypond!’



Last but not least! Thank you for you!! The Customer, the Peer, the Collector, the friend!! I am truly Grateful for you!! 

Landscape trade

June 21, 2012

‘Remembering the woods, and the rapids on the boat trips’.

Welded glass… 2-1/2″ tall focal bead (plus or minus a little)

It was an honor to trade this bead with Gideon Rockwood (Uber talented borosilicate glass flame worker) Trading for guidance at the torch (with a GTT phantom torch and a pedal). Word!

A family bead

June 5, 2012

“The Haltom’s”,  about 2″ tall,

(welded glass)

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