The International Flame Conference~Orbs

marble SheilaMorley 2 15 13 100 (2)This is the beginning of something new in My Artistic journey.

For several years I have been reading about the International Flame conference hosted by Salem Community College (In New Jersey). It is all about glass flame working. I am TOTALLY honored to have been selected by, Paul Stankard, to participate on a panel discussion about Glass Orbs. Paul is an Artist that, not only do I admire on a Mentor level, I consider him a friend, and I am in awe of his Art glass creations.  I’m really looking forward to demonstrations and lectures by the Featured Artist, Vittorio Costantini. Other Artist’s include Eunsuh Choi, Micah Evans, Kim Fields, Gateson Recko, a boro pull by Abe Fleishman, and Panel discussion on orbs (moderated by Jenna Efrein) with Abe Fleishman, myself, Gateson Recko and Kenan Tiemeyer.  The Conference is the weekend of March 23, 2013

Visit the Salem Community College webpage to learn more about the conference.

My work will be exhibited at the  Wheaton Arts Gallery booth.


One Response to The International Flame Conference~Orbs

  1. Dave Knoerl says:

    Would love to get a piece from you, an orb and one of your human figures, maybe we could work out a trade.
    I was the person taking some pics at Urban Pheasant a while back. I have a studio on the third floor in the same building as them. Check out my page on facebook: Red Feather Studio Detroit or where I post my art:
    We are going to have an open house in April.
    Dave Knoerl

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