What’s up?

One month to go until the Annual Bead and Button Show in Wisconsin. This will be my 5th year in the show with my guild (GLASSACT; South east, MI glass bead makers guild. The local chapter of the ISGB)  We are booth # 1018.  I will be sending lots of my glass bead sets (here is a few to see), (click the pink and blue letters)   and focal beads including floral implosions, and a couple of trays of my One of a kind Focal beads.  The show is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin June 4-12, 2011.  Visit the site for all the details on classes, and art you can experience.

What is up with this blog? I have been on sabbatical from blogging. Could you tell? This is my first post since last December.  I am taking some time to work on me, and my family.  And, my art time is just that, art time.  I am spending time away from the computer so I can be most productive with my time.

What is up with my Art?  I am creating it!!   Some of my work is available for purchase at my Etsy shop. Otherwise, my Art beads are staying here in my collection, while I build up inventory for future Fine art shows.

AND!! What is up with the High resolution high fire glass Decals?  A limited supply are available at my website.  (This may be for a limited time, so get them while you can!)  Visit ABR Imagery for a regular offering of decals. Remember!! These are the only decals I can find that become permanent with your glass. No microwave chip off imagery here. permanent!!! the real deal!! (Science and Art become one)

Thanks for checking in. Happy Spring!


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