Impressionism in glass inspires some new work…

I always thought of impressionism as an accidental type of painting.  Just because it wasn’t “exact”; and has “free form” to it. Which does not make it worth any less to me.  It seamed like when I was a painter, I was just very interested in replicating things.  I always have had a love for the Impressionists work. Did not want to copy it, I just wished some day I would acquire it with my own voice.

The glass speaks impressionism by choice. (Suddenly my muse is speaking with some impressionism.)  The colors react when they are heated with more or less oxygen. The tools chill some areas, and encourage colors to shift shades, just enough to create an impressionistic feel to the finished piece. The skin tones on this Goddess are hand mixed with colors that create a beautiful patina. The silver leaf burnished onto transparent colors created a beautiful silver sheen night sky.

One of my favorites of 2010…inspiring more; that’s for sure!


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