The Goddess The DZI and The implosions

The Goddess is an interesting subject. I am an American Catholic, so, I do not call them “Goddesses” because of any religious views. They get that name because I am fascinated with Greek Mythology, and that is what my customers call them.  To me, the subject isn’t what this is about.  The form, and its likeness to the landscape is really where my interest is.  Another thought is the liberation of women, and the freedom to feel how we feel, and communicate that.  Communicate how we feel. These gestures are free form.  The scale is anatomically correct, and the body lye’s where my muse places it. These are not planned out to be mathematically correct, or even “color theory” correct. Just the feeling of the moment. The souls voice.

One of a kind at my Etsy shop!

Dzi beads. Are they agate stones that were found and painted? Or, are they glass beads made from WAY back whenever ago, and lost in the ground, and found in Tibet?  This one is glass. Available at Etsy. Each figure is helping to put the dzi design together, and celebrating that. (My muse Wishes it was 3′ tall!)  The pendant is made with Sterling Silver wire (18 gauge), and sterling silver beads. One of a kind at my Etsy shop!

Implosions are one of my favorites to make. Always a happy surprise. Each one is made one at a time above a flame.  Heat and gravity allow the colors to fall; experience allows me to control that. 

All of these are for sale at the Etsy shop.

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