Collection and an overview of sorts…

  Thank you for taking the time to look!!
An overview of some of my collection;
Boogie down beads first results were exciting (2006). Each bead took well over an hour. Each figure is a one of a kind; derived from my drawings and paintings from several years back.  I call my people/figures “soul gestures”…
The Moon Goddess has been one of my favorite ones to make.
The transparent cobalt is dreamy with silver leaf; like a night sky.
The landscape of a female figure is an interesting perspective.
 This is a picture of one of the figures I sculpted; one from the “lady in a dress” series. (The image is fused on in the flame around 1300 F
 This bead makes me think of Duchamp.  And, I have always had a hard time with that type of conceptual art.  It took me a long time to appreciate. 
 Is it practical to sculpt this huge figure on a bead? If you were out shopping for beads, would this be a bead to you?  The images, sculptures, and concepts are strong, does it not get enough hype because it is being categorized along with an insignificant object, or accessory?  The purpose of a bead is to be sewn into something, or be worn, and look good with your clothing, and skin.  Sometimes I have to wonder; what’s the point?  If I am creating to express some personal insight; is it practical to think people would want to wear that?  
Okay,I’ll be the first to admit; I do not have control of the monster within. And, that is important to my work. A true celebration of passion….
van gogh-Esq
 “Lady with a dress” in relief
I sign my work…
 The sneak. A people implosion. This is a sketch!
Drawing the figure and creating the relief with heat and gravity as my tools.  This is something  I will revisit.
 Can Oxide prints be fused to the surface of glass in the flame, and covered with clear? YUP! This is one of the very first attemps.  The soul gestures are magnified by the clear glass.
I LOVE discord.
 Boogie down beads started with relief style people.
If you would like to see more, you can visit my website, or my etsy shop

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