Thinking out loud -LOTS OF GLASS Lentil BEADS

A new post at “Watch me create” about my new lentil beads.

Every year, I go through a time period where I try to redifine my work.  Step outside of my comfort zone, and try to remember really what it is I am doing.  Or, why I am doing it? Is it for the joy and passion to create? Or, is it to pay the bills?

Well, I decided to try making some “prodo” (production; same thing over, and over, and over, and over…)  First things first! Three is enough! I made sets of three. And sometimes I forced two sets of three, and one or two times I may have made three sets of three. Yes, I am BOLD! 😉

I noticed that there is way less passion in this for me. The end result is passionate, and an attractive inspiration, but the actual making of the beads was a little bit forced. Okay, a LOT of A BIG  BIT; forced! (where is the meaning? is it art without meaning? Ofcourse! This could be a circular topic to ponder about…)

Live and learn… I made a couple hundred beads, or so. Nice beads! Lintel shaped! And, Now I am making a couple hundred more beads for decals. And, I’ll let you know how that goes.  I guess I am a little bit crazy like that. Sometimes I force myself.  And, these “forcing’s” (lentil beads) will be debuted at the Southfield, Michigan bead Bonanza this Spring.


2 Responses to Thinking out loud -LOTS OF GLASS Lentil BEADS

  1. Scott says:

    I like the lentil beads, I am looking for some gift ideas, I think my sisters would like stuff like this and my girlfriend as well.
    So, how much do you want for your passionless glass lentil beads anyway?
    Maybe we could get together and go over things some time in the near future? I could meet you at your workplace or come to your home of you could bring your little people over. That is one way for me to get my house clean.

    See ya,

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