2010 here we come…

Checking in! Happy New Year!

Many changes in my life are going to take place. Starting with the budget, then onto a healthier life style, new parental challenges,  and a new art (for me).   I am sure I will be better at explaining that after I experience it some.

What’s up with this blog?

Most of my blogging these days goes to WMC (team blog).  We talk about our process, and so I will continue to direct you to that.

Glassline magazine just published a tutorial v23n4on the

Lampwork decals I have been making.

That was a recent exciting accomplishment.  I demonstrate the step by step I go through when I apply the decals to the beads.  Sharing many secrets about the medium. You can purchase copies, and read an intro here.

Decals are having their first sale ever at my website!!

I am continuing as secretary of GLASSACT (South east, Michigan’s local chapter of the ISGB) for the year 2010. We are meeting monthly conducting workshops, and raising money for education in glass bead making.  It is a very good experience. Unfortunately, I am getting tired. The talking part is easy. It is the “doing” part that is tiring me out.  After being gone 50 hrs a week  (Auoto-Cad drawing, and thinking…); 10 to 20 hours torching glass art,  & selling….being Mom to 2 boys;   I’m tired!  We’ll see if I can keep up? I think I am just attracted to being busy; so it’s good.

My next show is in Southfield, Michigan at the civic center. Sunday, March 21 – 10am to 5pm

I’ll check in after I get my on line stores stocked. 😉



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