Forshadowing~ and some new decals…


After two solid weeks of slaving for the wage, having my website down, and realizing my pictures of my sold work aren’t that great (GRRrrr…); I managed to write a post for Watch me create team blog. I’ll let you know when that’s up!

Chakra decals are hitting the cyber space glass Lampwork market this month! In more places than one! My website, and my Etsy shop

SheilaMorley10-2-09 1000dpi 060

New! WRAPAROUND DECALS!! They wrap around your bead!!

People boogie-in’ down are available in a Unique 1″ x 3″ package (And! The price includes instructions!). Music notes are a fun addition to this group of soul gestures. Imagine how nice this strip of decals wraps around this bead.  I just fired that one this past week. I’ll have to show you the pictures of the final thing….Yep! You guessed it; Later in time…

SheilaMorley10-2-09 031

Not so easy keeping up with the selling. Not enough time in a day to get out in cyber space. We do the best we can.  (“We” …ha!)

Oh! One more thing. You might bump into a little story about these decals later this week. I’ll keep you posted! 😉


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