Signing glass Lampwork art with enamel decals NEW TOOLS!!

SheilaMorley08-02-09 011 I can sign my work!

SheilaMorley08-02-09 014 These decals are very unique. They are not just decals, they are a medium. They can be wrapped around the 3D surface,  and stick to it. We are not just limited to flat surfaces.

And! These decals are not just on the surface. They become ONE with the Glass; they are permanent.

SheilaMorley08-02-09 023The trees!! From a photograph!! I am so stoked about how much detail I can get.

SheilaMorley08-02-09 024

 I accidentally managed to create a reduction environment, and mute my signature on this colored latticino landscape. I will get that to come out with way more contrast; I have to tweak my firing schedule a bit. (trials and tribulations!)

SheilaMorley08-02-09 029These three souls that are taken from my  joy of life bead series.  I am super excited to use all of my work before as a tool in my work today.  All I need now is a little bit more time to create. As usual real life responsibilities are making my time tough to manage. I am pretty sure that will be a challenge for many years to come.  I am sure you will hear all about it.


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