A red/brown ink Embedded into GLASS~ A portrait tutorial by, Unique in all the world!

A friend of mine from the inter webs, Kirsten Rasmussen with, Unique in all the world   has come up with a way to apply decals printed from a specific laser type of printer, and a specific ink cartridge, to glass lampwork beads. (Many laser printers work; but not all. After you get that figured out, You can do this from home!!) Being a proud mother of two, and wife; she is inspired to create personal keepsake portrait beads of family. These beads made with portraits are a great gift idea. Every bead is your one of a kind picture. She will take your favorite picture and embed it to a beautiful shape, to make a wonderful keepsake pendant. (Image and bead become one) You can visit her website and fill out the custom bead form, and have your family portrait bead made in the next coming days!

  If you are a lampworker and you would like to be able to do this yourself; HOLD ON TO YOUR SEAT! Kirsten has decided to share her discoveries with other talented bead makers. So that they too can use their photographic imagery in their art.

After many months of developing her techniques, she has now completed a tutorial that tells the Artist how to print out images and embed them  into your glass.  (Not just fuse to the surface. These images can be embedded into the glass, and then the glass can be further manipulated afterwards!! WAY NEW possibilities!!)   She tells you what tools you need, and where you can find them. She even offers a kit for you to start out with.

The process is amazing. And, Kirsten has done all of the trial and error to make this decal application work right. 

Click here to get to the tutorial listing

The color that your images are printed in, is a red/brown, sepia type of color.  The glass Kirsten uses is soft glass (around COE 104). 

(Inspiration Note-The color strongly resembles the inks used to write many historical documents, including the constitution of the United States.  This is one of the oldest ink colors to be used by American’s. And, I find it inspiring that we can take that same medium, and fuse it to our glass. )

The medium itself is applied in a special way. Many secret steps make this all possible.  Thank you to Kirsten for bringing us this wonderful technique with a wide range of possibilities.

This is not the same full color decal that I have been working with, and writing about .  The installation of Kirsten’s decals have very different steps and possibilities.  If you are interested in printing your own images, with very little cost, this  is a great way to do that.

Check out this Odalisque women Kirsten fused to one of her beads using the same Full color decal I work with. (It is not the same decal you can print at home) Kirsten and I have shared our discoveries with one another, for the sake of taking our art to the next level. For Art’s sake!


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