Published in an Article by Jim Kervin


I get home from work on a Friday night. I am tired, kind of discouraged by the whole “this economy” thing.

I open the mailbox, and I see my quarterly Publication by the International Society of Glass bead makers (a magazine); I immediatley open the magazine, excited to see what my peers are up to, and BAM! My bead in an Article about sculptural Goddess beads.  I own a few of Jim Kervin’s books. This is a big deal in my head. This feels good, rewarding; I am proud.






I will quote what he wrote about my work. After he compares the other Artist’s work to eachother, he gets to mine;

“These beads have all been sculptural torsos, but Sheila Morley took a different tack. She made her goddess as sort of a sculptural cameo application to a tabular blue background that is real interesting.”

“Real interesting”; I’ll appreciate those words coming from Jim Kervin .

Being published is usually a LOT of work. This is something we do not expect to happen. I am documented in a historical publication that people will be reading for a long time.



One Response to Published in an Article by Jim Kervin

  1. Mallory says:

    Wow! Sheila, that is absolutely awesome! Congratulations!

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