Remembering a Dear friend…

"My favorite flower is a daisy" Colin May 1992
“My favorite flower is a daisy” Colin May 1992

Every year on this day, the 18th of July, I think of my friend Colin, who passed on in 1992.  Actually, I think  of him often, but on this day, I remeber our last day together.  A beautiful Saturday with a clear blue sky.

In memory of him, I planted daisies in my garden. (He told me they were his favorite flowers at the time.) And, every year I photograph them around this time, and I dedicate that photo to him.
This year, I think I will keep his spirit alive by sharing an Inspirational thought written by him-
Imagine A Nation,
No No, Imagine an Imagination
A nation full of imagineers Imagining
1992 Colin May
a really good friend, and a professional Imagineer.
Without him, I would not be who I am today; Thank you Colin!
(Art is not just visual; it is internal, & emotional as well)

One Response to Remembering a Dear friend…

  1. Mallory says:

    That is a perfect tribute to your dear friend!

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