Check out what was made with my decals!!


Sarica Beads 6 2009

Check out what Sarah Elizondo made with some Flower power decals!!

It is so exciting when a customer pulls through with some feadback!! LOVE it!

It is interesting to see what enamel does over different colors. It will take me a lifetime to get all of the testing done…There are so many things I want to try.

The green really pops off any color. Totally opaque; it does not let that color underneath show thru. The green creates an outline around itself. And! What ever color I put the green on; it reactes differently.   The possibilities are endless with this medium. Here, the outline is a dark green. Sometimes the outline shimmers like mica. The green itself shimmers!  LOVE the green!

I am super stoked to see tests come rolling in.  It really is a win WIN stuation.  Sharing ideas is the way to go!


2 Responses to Check out what was made with my decals!!

  1. angie garren says:

    How cool!! What a great idea, Sheila. I just started playing with enamels and was thinking in frustrated terms of sprinkling them onto spots of Elmer’s glue into patterns, LOL. These decals are such a great idea!

  2. Hey sister PM me your address, I will send you some sample decals for fun! (I lost your address cuz, I kept using your box for packaging in my bead case,,,and it ended up missing after my last bead show with the guild last spring; anyway the box had your address on it, and like a normal person, I forgot to put it in the address book.)
    I wonder if the glue thing would work? not sure? I do know the fumes are a little toxic; FYI.
    I wonder if the glue will burn, and the enamel will fall off? or if it will stick at a low temp?
    let me know.
    Sounds fun.

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