Shards! And – a Kodak moment!

Check outmy friend Rita Stucke’s New Artfire shop! She makes shards!  And! She has put some shards for sale  in her shop! They ROCK!  I got silver plum!! 😀

Rita and I did the Grand Blank bead show together last year, and we plan on pairing up for the next grand Blanc bead show this fall.  (“This economy” has caused many art shows to cancel in Michigan; I am keeping my fingers crossed!)  Rita’s small spacers go well with my Big focals! And her stripee focal’s are unbelievable. (You can see a picture of a “stripee” focal in the header at her shop at Artfire.) Check out Rita’s work at;

I will share some pictures of what I made with Rita’s shards as soon as I am able to.  I have some custom orders, gifts, and personal self stuff to attend to.

Here’s a Kodak moment for you…

"Little legs" is riding a bike with no help!

"Little legs" is riding a bike with no help!


2 Responses to Shards! And – a Kodak moment!

  1. angie garren says:

    Terrific Kodak moment!

    The shards sound yummy! Looking forward to the pics 🙂

  2. oh yes! They are cool! They make great fabric on figures too. I’ll get some photoes here soon…
    thanks Angie!

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