A Piggy bank~Happy Economy!

the-boys-piggie-banksMy super awesome cuzin julia, and her super cool boyfriend Tim had me in the back of their mind. And, the kids! ( Julia insists it was Tim all by himself; is that not SO COOL!?! To have a partner that cares this much about the extended family!)

Tim wanted to fill a Piggy bank of random coins for the boys, so they could learn to play with money; count, and have some money to spend. It turns out,Tim’s friend is a coin collector. So, he sorts through coins picking out the collectible ones.  He told Tim, if he got the piggy banks he would fill them up.  And, his friend decided to give piggy banks to the parents of these boy’s too. (That’s me!)

 I get up early, get the kids ready for school, drop the kids off, and go to work. I receive a heavy box that I am not aloud to open until I get home.  The suspense…I am off by 5:00 pm, I drive one hour to pick up the boys, I get home by 6:15 pm. We open the box. 

FOUR Piggie banks! Each with a different name on them!! SUPER HEAVY!!!! The youngest boy can hardly hold his up (so cute).  Someone I do not even know pulled off this PERFECT timing random act of kindness. They filled all four banks with quarters! QUARTERS! (And, today, I found a coin that was really worth a DOLLAR!)

Random acts of kindness. Such a beautiful thing. And, really PERFECT timing. This makes times easier…We really appreciate you.

THANK YOU Julia and TIM AND FRIEND!!!!!!!!! We love you!

So, now I am going to have to teach them what a RAOGK is! 😉


One Response to A Piggy bank~Happy Economy!

  1. angie garren says:

    What a wonderful, thoughtful thing to do, Julia and Tim and Friend!

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