Discovering the holy grail PART 1 at WMC

sheilamorley0404-9-012webMy new post is up at Watch me create.

The first time I put people on someone Else’s bead. This is a JC herrell focal bead with Orbs. I believe she called these her “Zen series”. It was one of the first beads I had ever seen with the kronos glass by Double helix (2006). A very cool looking reactive glass. With consistent reactions! 🙂

As my Big brother says, “We all have a book in us”; here I go writing a part of mine at WMC.  This blog for WMC will be at least 3 parts; if not 4 or 5. It has been a journey for me to discover some things about creating art.  And for real! I stumbled upon the holy grail!

I am also working on two other books right now. And, I could see myself writing a book about this “holy grail” I discovered some day.   My new post is up at Watch me create it is only the beginning.

Isn’t this Zen bead awesome!?


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