The red carpet inspiration in glass…


The name of this bead is, ‘The red carpet’. (sold)

(see pictures here at my on line gallery;

Inspired by the Goddesses of today’s celebrity world.  

What’s up with me? Work.  April and May are “work hard” months! Many Science labs, and classrooms to perfect!  Summer time construction is right around the corner.  Many projects to attend to out there. Looks like my time is scheduled.

Glass is an ongoing part of life. Inbetween work, and kids, and family life.  The challenge; how do I get the Lab design part of my life, and my passion to create art to get together and be?

Any suggestions? I’m open.

This Lampwork glass bead was inspired by the thought of Jennifer Aniston at the Oscars this year (2009). Of-course, I missed her introduction, and for what ever reason, I can not track the clip down?  I admire her character a lot. She plays parts that remind me of my life. I feel I can relate.  If I could choose an Actress to have lunch with; I think it would be her. And, I am not really sure why? Cuz, I only know her by the parts she acts…so, it is really imaginary; isn’t it? I do not ttrust the media.

So, inspired by her “class”; I made this. A soul gesture of a Contemporary Goddess.


One Response to The red carpet inspiration in glass…

  1. angie garren says:

    Very glamorous! I love that the ivory goddess is being showcased against the sparkling night colors. You amaze me with all you do, Sheila! Whatever it is that you’re doing to find the balance and not go crazy, keep it up 🙂

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